Weekend Cooking: Cookbooks for Christmas

In addition to several other great gifts, I received two visually stimulating cookbooks for Christmas.  Both cookbooks are filled with stunning photographs of ingredients, preparation methods, and finished meals–I can’t wait to get cooking! The first cookbook, A Year of Pies by Ashley English of Small Measure, was an early gift from Anthony.  While away […]

Weekend Cooking: A Lament to Twinkies

**A note from me regarding Hurricane Sandy can be found at the bottom of this post.** In light of the bad news that came out of Irving, Texas from the Hostess Company yesterday, I reworked my Weekend Cooking post to honor the darling of American snack cakes, the Twinkie.  While I’m not a Hostess fan–I’m […]

Weekend Cooking: Minny’s Chocolate Pie

While reading or listening to books, I frequently find myself interested in trying the foods that the authors describe.  The first recipe I remember wanting to try was from the Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  If memory serves, there was some kind of maple syrup and snow candy, and I was […]