Danke schön: Belated Thanks

In July 2010, my sister underwent a bone marrow transplant as part of her treatment for leukemia (ALL).  While biological siblings are the best hope for a viable match, I was deemed unsuitable because our HLA tissue only matched 50%.  After a few weeks of searching the National Marrow Donor Program (Be The Match), two […]

It’s In the Mail!

Recently, I read about some fellow book bloggers taking up month-long (or longer) letter writing campaigns and was inspired to find my own pen pals.  I didn’t need to look much further than my own family! As a kid, I had a pen pal from another grammar school in our district and it was the […]

Weekend Cooking: Chef Anne Burrell’s Bucatini all’Amatriciana

When it’s time for a family party, I’m usually assigned the role of “soda girl”, a task requiring little more than making my way through the aisles of the grocery store, loading a cart with assorted 2-liter bottles.  Honestly, this is for the best, as even my most casual acquaintances know that cooking is not […]