Mary Berry’s Baking Bible

In my break between spring and summer semester from college, I binge watched the three available seasons of The Great British Baking Show on Netflix and boy, howdy was I hooked!  My cousin recently mentioned this baking program and at first I was doubtful.  Visions of the jarring and stressful American cooking shows left me […]

Weekend Cooking: Cream Puffs

I’ve made (and posted about) these cream puffs before–they are always a crowd pleaser.  Though a bit time consuming (baking the shells, cooling the shells, piping in the filling), they are worth the effort.  In a fresh twist for my nephew’s birthday yesterday, I made a chocolate ganache (chocolate mixed with heavy cream) to cover […]

Weekend Cooking: Cream Scones

Gesine Bullock-Prado’s memoir, Confections of a Master Baker, tells of her decision to leave Hollywood and all its trappings–she was working for her sister, actress Sandra Bullock–to move to Montpelier, VT and open a bakery.  The book was a fun read, and Bullock-Prado generously included several recipes.  I was compelled to whip up a batch of Cream Scones a […]