Audiobook Month: Scott Brick Turns the Tables

Driving home from Cleveland this weekend, the endless abyss that is Route 80 in Pennsylvania was made marginally shorter thanks to the audiobook narrating prowess of Scott Brick.  As we motored along, my iPhone chimed, indicating an email.  Anthony snapped it up (I was driving) and barked with laughter when he saw the email was […]

The Time Scott Brick Called Me

Audiobook Month officially ends today, and I’m bidding it adieu with much pomp and circumstance in the form of an audio interview with Scott Brick. *swoon* Visitors to my blog (and my family and friends) have gamely indulged my obsession with audiobooks in general and narrator Scott Brick in particular.  On average, I listen to […]

Worshipping at the Altar of Audiobooks

While June may be the official audiobook month, and this week is Audiobook week at Devourer of Books, here at Book, Line, and Sinker I practice daily devotionals to audiobooks year-round.  I can’t pinpoint my exact date of conversion to audiobooks, but like most zealots dedicate many waking hours, a few blog posts, and even […]