School’s Out; I’m Out!

As I work towards my master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health counseling, a fever-pitch overtook me–I want to finish this program already!–so I signed up for three 6-week summer classes.  On paper it didn’t sound quite so bad but the reality was a different story.  I spent a regular day working and then headed off to college for classes from 3pm-10pm.  Zzzz.

While sitting in these classes was long, the workload was the real issue.  These courses are compressed versions of the 14-week classes and the same amount of work needs to be completed in less than half of the time.  I haven’t seen the light of day in weeks and weekends were a dizzying blur of APA-style writing, reading, and research.  The highlight?  With the completion of these three classes, my graduation cap and gown are in sight–I only have four more classes and my field work left!

Going back to college has really been an amazing opportunity for me.  I’ve made new friends, become a part of wonderful service projects like Cinderella’s Closet (an organization that provides free prom dresses to disadvantaged students in New Jersey), have become an NJDRCC (NJ Disaster Response Crisis Counselor through FEMA), have been inducted as a member in the Counseling Honor Society, and work closely with the Department Chair as her Graduate Research Assistant.

It wasn’t easy to go back to school after 25 years away, but the rewards have far outstripped the challenges.  Now that I’m done until September, my husband and I are taking a highly anticipated vacation to a tropical paradise where the only things on my to-do list are snoozing on the beach, swimming up to the bar in the pool for libations, and reading loads of books that have nothing to do with theoretical orientation, counseling, or case conceptualization.  See you soon!


  1. Wow. That’s dedication. I am very excited for you!! You are almost done! Enjoy your vacation!!

  2. Wow, you’re doing great! I’m sure it feels good to have made that kind of progress.

  3. WOO WOO! Well Done, Nat!!! Hope you’re soaking up the sun and enjoying all that freedom and paradise offers. So proud of you. XO

  4. Thanks, Ti! We had a great trip and relaxation has overtaken me. 🙂

  5. Kathy,
    It really feels amazing to have come this far and to have the end in sight! Thanks for the kind words. 🙂

  6. Buddy, we were the biggest slugs at the pool! It was glorious. Thanks for the cheers. xox

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