Recommending and Lending Books

Before my Grief Counseling on Monday, I got to chatting with a classmate and friend.  She was singing the praises of Jodi Picoult’s 2014 Leaving Time.  I’ve read a few Picoult novels over the years and even met her at a local book signing a while back but haven’t really kept up with her.  Our professor joined the conversation and I joked that she probably sits around her hearth reading Freud or Adler.  She admitted to having a non-fiction bent, and my mind immediately went to my go-to guy for hilarious travel writing: Bill Bryson.

I’ve worked with this professor for over a year as a student and as her research assistant, know she is an avid traveler, and offered to let her borrow a few of his titles.  My classmate jumped in and asked if I had any recommendations for her, too.  When I got home later on Monday night, I gathered up A Walk in the Woods, Notes from a Small Island, Plain Truth, and 11/22/63 to bring in and share with them.  My copy of Plain Truth is signed by Jodi Picoult but lending it was easy because Sylvia will enjoy it and was so excited because she hadn’t heard of it.  My professor seemed eager to jump into Bryson’s works, and they both thanked me for bringing them stuff to read.  Many readers aren’t willing to lend out their books–hey, I used to be one of them!–but it doesn’t bother me to do it these days.  I might not lend out my dog-eared, tattered favorites from childhood, but beyond that I’m okay to let them go.

Recommending books is something that I do mainly here online or with my family.  My circle of friends had always been pretty small and most of them aren’t readers.  Going back to college has afforded me the opportunity to meet new friends and it always gives me a thrill to connect with a fellow reader and possibly introduce him or her to a new author.  I guess that’s what Book Line and Sinker is about, too.


  1. I love to talk books and usually just give them away. I don’t hold on to many these days.

  2. Kathy, I absolutely agree and my reader friends and family are so happy to benefit! Have a great weekend.

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