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Recommending and Lending Books

Before my Grief Counseling on Monday, I got to chatting with a classmate and friend.  She was singing the praises of Jodi Picoult’s 2014 Leaving Time.  I’ve read a few Picoult novels over the years and even met her at a local book signing a while back but haven’t really kept up with her.  Our professor […]

Having the Love You Want

During my spring semester in my program, I was enrolled in a Couples Counseling course.  One of the required projects for this course had me reading and creating a presentation on a marriage self-help book.  I perused the section on Amazon looking for a book with solid reviews as this genre was a new one […]

Mary Berry’s Baking Bible

In my break between spring and summer semester from college, I binge watched the three available seasons of The Great British Baking Show on Netflix and boy, howdy was I hooked!  My cousin recently mentioned this baking program and at first I was doubtful.  Visions of the jarring and stressful American cooking shows left me […]