The Time Scott Brick Called Me

Audiobook Month officially ends today, and I’m bidding it adieu with much pomp and circumstance in the form of an audio interview with Scott Brick. *swoon*

courtesy of Indie Reader Houston

Visitors to my blog (and my family and friends) have gamely indulged my obsession with audiobooks in general and narrator Scott Brick in particular.  On average, I listen to 50 audiobooks each year while racking up about 25,000 miles on my car’s odometer; audiobooks have saved me from many an unhappy hour idling in Jersey traffic (and beyond).

The Garden State Parkway, my home away from home. Yes, we drive on the median.

While I’ve joked about Scott Brick being my audiobook boyfriend and about worshipping at the altar of audiobooks, never did I expect to have an actual telephone interview with THE VOICE himself…but that’s exactly what happened several nights ago.

For 41 minutes and 38 seconds, Scott Brick held me rapt as he waxed poetic on life as an audiobook narrator, how he spends his free time, upcoming projects, and more. Sadly, any delusions I harbored of a witty repartee were dashed within moments of the call’s inception: The minute Scott Brick said my name, I was reduced to a monosyllabic, spluttering fangirl.

Yep, that pretty much covers it.

As Scott addressed my first question, I gazed blankly around my kitchen, awed by the fact that the man I spend more time listening to than even my husband was at the other end of the phone line speaking with me.  Around deep breaths into a paper bag (to stave off hyperventilation, natch), I managed to squeak out a few comments, stumble over my own words, and cut into Scott’s responses no fewer than three times during our conversation.  I was eloquence personified.

Transcribing our conversation over the next few days, I endured the agony that is listening to one’s own voice on audio (unless you are say, Scott Brick) and frankly was mortified by my breathy giddiness, high-pitched prattle, and interruptions.  Really, I just wanted to endlessly loop the portion of our conversation when Scott said my name but figured that wouldn’t be very informative or interesting for you guys.  But indulge me, okay?  Natalie (click the link for an auditory treat)

Scott Brick said more than just my name.  He talked to me about what he does to keep his voice safe, how he remembers character voices in a novel or series, the mad rush that was recording 29 discs of The Passage by Justin Cronin, and so much more.

The following links are audio clips of our conversation with handy topic titles and brief descriptions (audio file length in parenthesis).

  • Random House Audio Presents: Was Scott destined for audiobook fame from birth? (:17)
  • Getting Started: How Scott got his foot in the door at the recording studio (1:09)
  • Books on Tape: A chance meeting cements Scott’s position as Books on Tape’s go-to guy (2:04)
  • Cabaret: Scott turns down my offer for a karaoke cabaret and discusses caring for his voice (1:48)
  • The Larynx: Mispronunciations and elocution lessons courtesy of Barney Fife (1:14)
  • The Passage: A month for me to listen to 29 discs, 11 days for Scott to record them (1:42)
  • Working From Home: The downside to Scott’s in-home recording studio (2:52)
  • Stage and Film: Scott elaborates on his stage and film experience (1:11)
  • Voices and Vulcans: Recalling voices for series characters (4:29)
  • What Free Time?: How Scott spends his down time (1:05)
  • Scott Brick Author: A supernatural thriller and How-To book/video series (1:43)
  • Let’s Dish: Scott gives me the inside scoop on new audiobooks (and I regain the power of speech) (2:47)
  • Team Brick vs Team Vance: I get moony over Simon Vance’s accent; Scott is mock horrified (1:11)
  • Gilderoy Lockhart: Did I really tell Scott that my husband calls him Gilderoy Lockhart? Affirmative (:33)

My hero

Scott was so much fun to talk to–witty, self-deprecating, and gracious–despite my fledgling interview skills and frequent spates of mutism.  I’d like to thank him for taking time out of his crazy schedule to sit down and chat and hope that readers will consider audiobooks after listening to a few of the clips here.  For those who are already fans but are unfamiliar with Scott Brick, I hope you’ll remember his name next time you grab an audiobook from the shelf–he’s got almost 600 titles to his credit and he adds about 50 new ones each year.

For everyone who joined the Audiobook Month celebration, I hope that you enjoyed this post and I look forward to June 2012.  Maybe for next year’s send-off post, I’ll host a Scott Brick/Simon Vance karaoke singing competition!


  1. The pictures you chose are so perfect, I love them! (Remind me never, ever to drive in Jersey traffic.) It must have been weird and extremely cool to talk to your favorite audiobook narrator on the phone…like having some sort of personalized audiobook that was talking to you. I’m going to have to come back later today when I have more time and listen to all the clips!

  2. OMG! I absolutely loved this post, Natalie! I would be the same damn way with Simon Vance. I’ve never before admitted to this, but there was a character named Jennifer in Paul is Undead and I replied him saying my name more times than I really should be comfortable with – and he wasn’t even referring to me! I cannot imagine my response if he were. LOL!

    I’m so glad you got to live the dream. You are my hero and I don’t think I’ll wipe the smile this post gave me off of my face for the rest of the day. That picture is perfect and I love how free you are with describing your excitement. I’m fairly certain I’d morph into a drooling idiot. 🙂

    Congratulations! I can’t wait until I get home tonight so that I can play the loop of Scott Brick saying Natalie – and the rest of the interview, of course. 🙂

  3. Oh wowowowowowow. Great post and great interview (I haven’t listened to all the clips yet). I’m like you — I couldn’t live without my auidobooks!

  4. lol! thanks so much. this interview was a long time coming–scott and i first started emailing around christmas but our schedules didn’t mesh until recently. i have to tell you that it was so surreal to actually have scott on the phone. the only i way could explain the experience to anthony (my husband) was to compare it to darth vader calling him and saying things like “ANTHONY, i am your father”.

  5. Wow, that’s awesome! I must listen to the interview (I haven’t yet, but I will). I don’t think I’ve listened to an audiobook by him yet.

    PS- The photo of traffic gives me hives!

  6. OMG!! You must have been flippin’ out! I love his sense of humor.
    How did you record the interview since it was by telephone?

  7. Did he call me a hack?! i think you inserted that just to create some kind of rivalry between Scott and me where none exists. This is just typical of the ‘lame stream’ media of today – manufacturing some kind of ‘story’ out of nothing… I am ‘mock’ horrified!

    I’ll have my team call his team and we’ll set things straight. 🙂

    (BTW. I can be mellifluous too, when I want to be)

  8. OMG! Spreading the gospel of Scott Brick. Killing me! Great interview!

  9. I can’t imagine having a conversation with Simon Vance. I’m so used to him talking. Coming up with written questions to email was difficult enough. I just keep thinking you’ve lived the dream.

  10. Natalie, Natalie, Natalie… Sorry, probably doesn’t have the same impact in print as it would on audio, but I tried! Thanks so much for the interview, it was an absolute blast, and thanks as well for coordinating it to debut on the final day of Audiobook Month, I know it must’ve taken some furious typing on your part to accommodate that schedule. For my part, I’m heading back to the studio to polish off a Harlan Coben thriller, but wanted to express my appreciation once more until next time; here’s hoping we can get Simon Vance to agree to a head-to-head competition via phone patch, my larynx against his, anytime, anywhere!


    Gilderoy Lockhart, er, Scott Brick

  11. Holy crap on a piece of toast. Listening to this was literally the most fun I’ve had in MONTHS (and I just got back from three weeks in Europe). I’ve listened to Scott Brick a few times, the most memorable was with The Passage. Narrators (particularly Simon Vance in my case) are like rock gods to me. Audios make my life of driving kids everywhere, cleaning the house, cleaning the pool and weeding a joy every day. So yay to you. And I don’t know why I’m not following you. Going to remedy that.

  12. i totally was flipping out. 🙂 i was able to record the interview via a website that does conference calls and call recording.

  13. i plead the 5th!!! i can’t speak for scott, though!

    how about setting up a karaoke sing-off for next june??? scott issued a challenge to you in his comment (below). are you up for it? 🙂

  14. June is a long time away, so the consequences aren’t immediately apparent.

    I’ll have to do something for next years ‘audiobook month’ and this seems as much fun as any other…hmmm.

    Perhaps when my people, er, team, meet to negotiate with Scott’s team they could hammer something out… we’ll see.

  15. Oh, Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer…

    Perhaps we should talk ‘Bond’ sometime later in the challenge for ‘Shaken Not Stirred’ – i think you’ve a few months to put the questions together.

    We can’t let this ‘Brick/Book, Line and Sinker’ partnership outdo the ‘Vance/Literate Housewife’ thing we’ve got going here…

  16. Did I really admit to that whole Jennifer thing? Realy?? Putting all mortification aside, it sounds like I’ll need to brush up on my Dale Carnegie training as well. What good are questions if you can’t speak? LOL! But, this would be a perfect addition to Shaken, Not Stirred. Team Vance for the victory!!!!

  17. Well, since my name is Natalie also and since I nearly passed out in my chair at the Audiobook Tea at BEA when Brad Meltzer called Scott Brick up to the podium to read a segment of his new book, I of course had to hit the replay button to hear the man say Natalie as well…sigh.

    My favorite part of your write-up? This part: “As Scott addressed my first question, I gazed blankly around my kitchen, awed by the fact that the man I spend more time listening to than even my husband was at the other end of the phone line speaking with me.” Yes! Love it. My poor husband feels the same. I normally prefer to listen to female audio narrators, but I could listen to Scott Brick read the ingredients of a can of soup.

  18. That is so awesome that you got to interview him after admiring his work for so long. I will definitely go and check out some of the snippets of interview you have shared!

  19. Great post and interview.. Now, can we stop the Scott Brick insanity… I have been hearing about audio books and Scott Brick for quite a while now and would love to partake in one of your favorite past times, but you know I can’t multi-task. I would probably drive into a ditch if I tried to drive and listen to your audio book boyfriend at the same time.
    Love, your mother

  20. Yes, I am a fan of audiobooks. No, I haven’t listened to Scott yet (how is that possible?). That is changing and I am so happy I have a holiday weekend to get my butt in gear! I am in awe of your mad interview skills! You kept the hyperventilating in check enough to post some amazing clips.

    Is it crazy that my name is Jessica and I still got a little flutter in my stomach when he came back and posted a comment starting with “Natalie, Natalie, Natalie…” (maybe I replayed him saying your name too many times)?

    I am so entertained by all the comments but I think my favorite one is from you mother!! How awesome is she!

  21. Dear Mom,

    I’m sorry that I ruined our birthday dinner by freaking out the entire time because of my impending interview with Scott “Brickle” (as you call him). Also, please ask my sister to stop calling him DAVID. His name is Scott Brick.

    I understand your qualms about listening to Scott while driving and agree wholeheartedly that audiobooks might be too much of a distraction for you. It still amazes me that you were ever able to master a manual transmission. Ha. 🙂

    Thanks for reading my blog (every 8 months or so).

    Your #1 kid

  22. How incredibly cool!!!! It seems to me that you covered a lot of ground and got some good information. Very well done. And I finally got my first Scott Brick audio book … I’m sure I”ll be in the fan club soon!!!!

  23. I am also joining the Brick and Vance fan club. I’ve never listened to an audio book before, but I think I will go find some books read by these two. Excellent interview too – the Gilderoy Lockhart bit made me laugh 😀

  24. As great an interview as this was and is – I think I enjoyed the comments even more. Esp. the comment from your mom. You (and your readers) crack me up.

    Happy almost Birthday, woman. Hope you’re eating your weight in buttercrunch!

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