Worshipping at the Altar of Audiobooks

While June may be the official audiobook month, and this week is Audiobook week at Devourer of Books, here at Book, Line, and Sinker I practice daily devotionals to audiobooks year-round.  I can’t pinpoint my exact date of conversion to audiobooks, but like most zealots dedicate many waking hours, a few blog posts, and even some tweets attempting to save those who are audiobook atheists.

My audiobook religion is a polytheistic one–I worship at the feet of several narrators–but freely admit to spending a bit more of my listening time with Scott Brick.  While I used to entertain the notion that Scott was my audiobook boyfriend, I now see the error of my ways and realize I’m more like his disciple, following him from book to book (despite a few banal plots and some mediocre writing), all the while singing his praises (and a few verses of the Hallelujah Chorus.)

He has an ethereal glow, doesn't he?

As his minion, I try to spread the word to bring non-listeners to the light.  My proselytizing has been generally limited to friends, family, bloggers, and anyone else who happens upon my website, but soon will be working with my local library writing monthly book reviews and fully intend to spread the word of audiobooks (and Scott Brick) via that avenue.

Like any good devotee, I’m never without audiobooks and lay in a supply every few weeks to insure there will always be another book at the ready.  Sadly, I’ve outstripped my library’s collection and have taken to a life of crime to feed my insatiable hunger for fresh audiobooks.  Recently, I’ve been impersonating my younger sister at her local library in an effort to score new material.  While I believe that this might be a Class A felony in some states, I know my faith will sustain me.

This week's haul via my sister's library (and library card).

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the confessional to repent for impersonating another civilian.  Hopefully, I’ll be given a light sentence–maybe listening to an hour or two of AM radio.  Amen.


  1. You will be a martyr for our cause. *bows*

  2. At least you know you aren’t alone! Great post.

  3. I Googled Scott to hear his voice and yes… it’s mighty fine. I fell in love wth Stefan Rudnicki when I listened to Lost Boys recently. It’s not that he has a sexy voice, but that he reads with such feeling and with humor too. I can totally get into a story when he is reading it. Have you ever listened to Stefan?

  4. What a fun post!! Scott Brick is an awesome narrator. I also love Simon Vance, Maggi-Meg Reed and Steven Weber.

  5. i keep hearing great things about simon vance but have yet to give him a listen. i’ll remedy that before the summer is over!

  6. my husband is about sick and tired of my mooning over scott brick. he’s recently taken to calling him lockhart because he reminds my hubby of kenneth branagh’s portrayal of gilderoy lockheart from the HP series–all blond locks and wide smile! maybe i’ll give stefan a listen during the summer–did you enjoy lost boys? i’ll start with that one if you give me a green light!

  7. shoot, does that mean i have to die now? can i wait until summer vacation is over?

  8. Just jail time. We’re not extremists. 🙂

  9. I’m a recent convert to audio books but have yet to listen to a Scott Brick book. I’ve heard others besides you swooning over him (and Simon Vance too). I guess I will have to seek him out. My library’s collection of audios is very very very heavy on the thriller and romances …. I’ve resorted to an Audible membership.

  10. I don’t have a favorite reader, though in honesty I prefer British voices. (Who doesn’t?) LOL

    I think Scott Brick above bears a striking resemblance to your Ant!!

  11. oh boy, how have i been a reader of ‘book line and sinker’ for so long and have not listen to anything by scott brick? this is going to have to change pretty soon.

  12. Must put Scott Brick on my narrators list – the narrator completely makes or breaks and audiobook so I try to be selective. I see Bryson in your pile – he is great on audio!

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