Author Interview: Janet Evanovich

She spent 10 years trying to write The Great American Novel and garnered a boxful of rejection letters along the way.  After shifting gears in the late 80s to try her hand at romance novels, this fellow Jersey Girl sold her first manuscript.

24 years and almost 40 books later, Janet Evanovich is a New York Times #1 selling author with a hectic writing schedule, sharp sense of humor, and love of TastykakesToday, I have the distinct pleasure of welcoming Janet to Book, Line, and Sinker.

Janet Evanovich: Glad to be here!

Natalie at Book, Line, and Sinker:  I’ve been reading about Stephanie and the gang since the late 90s and they continue to crack me up today–Lula, especially!  Though publication for your next Stephanie Plum novel is still a few months out (June 21, 2011), any way you could pony up a tiny morsel about the plot to whet your fans’ whistles?

JE: Bodies are showing up in the empty construction lot for the bail bonds office.  Grandma Bella has declared a vendetta against Stephanie and her Grandma Mazur.  And a man from Stephanie’s past has moved back Trenton and into her life.

Natalie:  Ohhh, Grandma Bella!  I look forward to the novels each June–they always signify the end of the school year for me–but wonder if, after all these years writing the Stephanie Plum novels, you suffer from ‘series lassitude’, and if so, how you combat it?

JE:  Of course.  Writing isn’t easy!  Luckily enough crazy things continue to happen in Trenton and my life to keep the stories coming.

Natalie:  Indeed!  And speaking of crazy, your cast of characters is quite colorful.  Were any inspired by family or friends?

JE:  Grandma Mazur is loosely based on my Aunt Lena.  She was a hoot.

Natalie:  Well, if she was anything like Grandma Mazur, she’d have to be, especially considering Debbie Reynolds will be playing Grandma on the big screen!  Your first Stephanie Plum novel, One for the Money, is slated for release on July 8, 2011 with Pittsburgh doubling as Trenton and Katherine Heigl portraying everyone’s favorite hapless bounty hunter.  Have you visited the set or had any creative input?  How about a small cameo role?

JE:  Like most book authors, I have nothing to do with the movie.  I sold the rights years ago.  Because I write two books a year and work practically every day, I wouldn’t have had any time for input.  It might have been fun to play the manager of Cluck-in-a-Bucket.  I can fry chicken.

Natalie:  That’s a demanding work schedule you keep–I guess there’s not too much time for hobbies…but how about a few guilty pleasures?  Perhaps a little Jersey Shore to get you through the week?

JE:  I really like the cooking shows.  I know.  Big shocker, right.  I’m not the best chef, but I’m a really good eater.

Natalie:  I can relate!  So, we have New Jersey, an appreciation for food, and a soft spot for Tastykakes in common.  How about books?  I’m an avid reader and always wonder what authors are reading.  What’s on your nightstand right now?

JE:  That nightstand pile gets bigger every year.  But because I write so much (8-plus hours a day 7 days a week), I don’t have much time to read more than my own manuscripts.  Usually the best I can manage is the odd Scrooge McDuck comic and magazines.

Natalie:  Well, Janet, I don’t want to keep you from your writing any longer!  I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to chat with me for a bit today and look forward to reading more about Stephanie and the gang this June!

JE: Thanks so much!

For more information on Janet Evanovich, you can visit her website, become a fan on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter (mainly quotes from the novels) @JanetEvanovich.

Additionally, for those aspiring writers looking for tips, Janet authored a book about writing in 2007 called How I Write.

I hope you enjoyed this interview!  Now I have a question for you.  Stephanie Plum fans, I must ask THE question:


(I didn’t just do that, did I???  How Twilight-esque of me!)

These are the actors portraying Joe and Ranger in the movie.


  1. Aaghh!!!! Janet Evanovich! Could I be more of a schoolgirl rushing after Elvis Presley with this interview?? I loved the series and can’t wait for the film to come out – I hope they do all the characters justice! And I think that I’m voting for Team Joe. Ahhh, Morelli.

    Great interview, Natalie!! 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, you’re so lucky to have interviewed Janet Evanovich!!! I loved the interview! In the books I’m Team Joe, but looking at those two actors makes me think I’ll be Team Ranger at the movie!

  3. A Southern Cousin says:

    Team Ranger, babe. Ahhh, Tastykakes . . . not found here in the Tar Heel State. What I wouldn’t do for a Butterscotch Krimpet or a Peanut Butter Kandy Kake!

  4. i’m a peanut butter kandy kake (AND TEAM RANGER) fan myself. 🙂

  5. Wow … score for you! Awesome interview!! I didn’t realize this was going to be a movie … though it seems perfect for the big screen. I guess I can see K. Heigl as Ms. Plum. And based on the photos, I’m Team Ranger (though I hope Ms. Plum stops stringing them along SOME TIME.)

  6. Ok…I have never read anything by Janet Evanovich. Don’t yell at me! But I am going to have to now and after seeing the actor pics I am totally going into them Team Ranger. Great interview!!

  7. Great interview! I haven’t read anything by Janet Evanovich. I keep hearing people say how much they love the Stephanie Plum series so I’m going to try one later this year.

  8. Janet Evanovitch?? That is SO COOL! And to be totally shallow, just going off of the pics, I’ve gotta join Team Ranger.

  9. Great interview! I loooooove the Stephanie Plum books. They never fail to crack me up. I’ve always been Team Joe, but from a look at those actors, the movie could totally make me switch alliances.

  10. I have read all the Plum books and cannot wait for 17. I must say I am team Ranger all the way!


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