Pack Your Bags: The NY Times 36 Hours Guide

Ant and I have logged more than 25,000 miles of road trip travel in our two decades together.  To us, the beauty of the road trip is spontaneity…with a side of inspired planning.  Past road trip motivations have come in the form of magazine articles, invitations from friends, or once, in 1998, a television show […]

Ringing in 2012 New York City Style

I donned my tour guide cap today and escorted my cousins and aunt into the city for a bit of holiday cheer.  We did the requisite visits to Times Square, the TREE, St. Patrick’s, FAO Schwartz, and all of the store windows along 5th Avenue. Believe me when I say we were not alone.  At […]

Home Sweet Home

Anthony and I arrived home safely and have been trying to adjust to life outside the castle.  I imagine we must be feeling something akin to what Fergie felt after being demoted (probably not the technical term!) from her position as Duchess of York. We sorely miss the sights, Irish breakfasts, and pampering we received […]