Book Reviews or Book Reports: Which are you writing?

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I recently asked my students to take 15 minutes during class to brainstorm a book review for a novel we recently finished.  The group–a small, remedial class–labored over the assignment, and as I wandered through the room it became evident that they weren’t reviewing the novel so much as retelling it. While some students wrote […]

TLC Book Tour: Precious by Sandra Novack

Title: Precious Author: Sandra Novack Genre/Pages: Fiction; 288 pages Publication: Random House; 2/17/09 Rating: 4.5 BOOKMARKS I’ve been thinking about Precious ever since I finished it late last month; Sandra Novack’s lyrical prose had a profound impact on me, hence the longer-than-usual review—this book deserves it!  Set in rural Pennsylvania in the late 1970s, Precious […]