Kitchen Confidential

As my summer winds to a close and hectic, long school days loom on the horizon, I’ve been thinking about putting together weekly menus with easy, new-to-me recipes–Molly is my inspiration!  I already own several Martha Stewart and other more traditional cookbooks, but the recipes are labor intensive and too fancy-schmancy for our everyday use.  […]

Let’s Get Cookin’

I know that there was a flurry of posts last spring about cookbooks, but I was new to the book blogging game and missed that parade.  So, strike up the band because today I’m posting about my two favorite cookbooks in the world.  I’m not entirely sure if they are the best cookbooks on the […]

Cooking Up a Good Book

I just started listening to a new audio-book on my commute–a foodie mystery called The Cream Puff Murder by Joanne Fluke–and it motivated me to do something I rarely do–BAKE.  A book inspired me to cook–what’s next?! The book’s protagonist, Hannah Swensen, is the owner of The Cookie Jar.  As the book progresses, she includes recipes that are mentioned […]