Happily Ever After

While treasure hunting at some garage sales and a flea market today, I came across one of my favorite childhood books. The book had clearly been loved, abused, and well read, as evidenced from the missing cover, torn pages, and random crayon scribblings on some pages.  I thumbed through the tattered remains, wondering what I […]

Bag Lady

About six weeks ago, I found myself wishing that a designer would mate a cute handbag with a functional camera bag, relieving me of  sherpa duty.  If a horse and donkey can get together and make a mule, surely someone out there could make a camera bag/purse hybrid. I scoured the internet for this dream […]

Beyond Book Blogs: Favorite Websites

I sometimes get so wrapped up in the scores of book blogs on my reader that it’s easy to forget there’s anything else to do on the internet.  But then all of my favorite non-book blog blogs and sites come flooding back into my brain and I get that warm, happy feeling. For your reading […]