It’s About That Time

Ever since I was a kid, positive change has brought me great happiness.  To this day, I delight in drastically changing my hair style, color, or cut and love rearranging the furniture or reorganizing my cabinets.  Being static–or stagnant–just isn’t my thing. Which explains why if you stopped by Book, Line, and Sinker yesterday you […]

Friends, Family, or Strangers: Who Reads Your Blog?

During a dinner the other night, I mentioned to my husband that I wrote a blog post about his love of comic books and told him he should check it out.  In return, I received a tepid, noncommittal reply.  I didn’t press the subject but quietly harrumphed in a friendly show of passive-aggression. Since when […]

Reorganizing My Reviews

In another inspired round of organization, I spent a few hours working on some new search options for my book reviews.  Until now, my book reviews were organized by review date, an extremely limiting way to order them. I started thinking about other ways to categorize my reviews.  Maybe visitors would be interested in seeing […]