On The Naughty List

I’ve secured my place on Book Blogging’s Naughty List with my dearth of posts and reviews.  I’ve been baking with my sister, shopping, and READING!  It’s been glorious. In between all of those wonderful things, I’ve been thinking about my blogging friends and want to wish everyone a very happy holiday and wonderful 2012!

Home Sweet Home

Anthony and I arrived home safely and have been trying to adjust to life outside the castle.  I imagine we must be feeling something akin to what Fergie felt after being demoted (probably not the technical term!) from her position as Duchess of York. We sorely miss the sights, Irish breakfasts, and pampering we received […]

Book Blogging Advice II: If I Build It, WILL They Come?

After being contacted by a new book blogger, I got the idea to put together some posts offering book blogging helpful hints.  My first post, Pre-Book Blogging Advice, covered the basics: long term plan, purpose, branding, social media.  Today’s post will examine ways to build friendship and a following.  Hopefully, there will be some information […]