Weekend Cooking: A Lament to Twinkies

**A note from me regarding Hurricane Sandy can be found at the bottom of this post.** In light of the bad news that came out of Irving, Texas from the Hostess Company yesterday, I reworked my Weekend Cooking post to honor the darling of American snack cakes, the Twinkie.  While I’m not a Hostess fan–I’m […]

Featured Book: Little Old Lady Recipes by Meg Favreau

Today’s Weekend Cooking post is from a cookbook I received from my friends over at Quirk Books.  When I heard the pitch (and title of this book), I was sold.  With visions of comfort food and mothballs dancing through my head, I dove into the almost pocket-sized Little Old Lady Recipes by Meg Favreau. The recipes […]

Weekend Cooking: Pizza Skewers Take Two

Last weekend, I was bested by a can of pizza dough, some cheese, sauce, and chopped peppers while attempting a recipe from a whimsical cookbook in which each of the 80 ‘party-perfect’ recipes are impaled or skewered in some fashion.  I refused to give up on the Pizza Skewers was back in the kitchen this […]