Reading Cover to Cover

As a freshman, I learned that our high school yearbook had a section for seniors to write ‘blurbs’ with personal messages, quotes, and sports or club allegiances.  I poured over these blurbs, chock full of esoteric references and inside jokes, and began plotting. Over the next two years, I spent many a class period–usually math– […]

Chatting With Author Kate Jacobs

It’s my pleasure to interview New York Times Best-Selling Author Kate Jacobs, of The Friday Night Knitting Club fame.  A British Columbia native, Kate Jacobs now makes her home in Southern California by way of New York City, where she spent ten years working as an editor and free-lance writer.  She also authored Comfort Food, “…a multi-generational tale…(about) […]

Step Right Up: Book Signings and Readings

Jen Lancaster will be in NYC tonight and I had grand plans to attend but just learned my presence is required elsewhere (per my boss).  Suffice to say I’m none too happy about this last minute turn of events.  Though an avid reader, I’ve only ever gone to three book readings and/or signings.  Maybe I’m afraid that my inner-nutcase will shine through and […]