Three Days, Two Tanks of Gas

Did you ever have one of those weekends just crammed full of activities?  For those with children, that’s probably a rhetorical question.

On Friday, I headed out to Kutztown, PA to Renningers Antique Extravaganza–think acres of tents, tables, and fields, piled with all types of vintage treasures.  I scored some great stuff for my Etsy shop–I just have to clean it all up, take some photos, and get them posted!  On the way home, I stopped by my parents’ house and went to dinner with my mom.

Saturday morning I was up and out early to a local flea market where I picked up some other treasures, including a set of vintage Pyrex bowls for my sister for Mother’s Day.  Our grandmother had this set and I have the fondest memories of family picnics with various foods in the bowls.  The yellow bowl was for potato salad and the green one either had baked beans or scalloped potatoes.

photo via blueflowervintage on Etsy

Saturday night, Anthony and I headed to a great old theater–Loew’s Jersey Theater in Jersey City–to catch a double feature of epic sea disaster flicks–A Night to Remember (1958) and The Poseidon Adventure (1972).

The theater is so majestic and the Wonder Morton Organ has such a rich sound! The organist entertained us between shows and there was a panel discussion on The Poseidon Adventure.

Sunday morning, I jumped BACK in my car and zoomed up the Turnpike to the Bronx to catch a Yankees game with some former students.  We arrived early enough for batting practice and the stadium was posting tweets from fans around the stadium.  I hurriedly dashed off a tweet to Derek Jeter–I was hoping for a good photo of him–and five seconds later it was up on the screens!

C'mon, Jeter! Smile for my camera.

I’d recognize that swagger anywhere!!  This was the best shot I got of Jeter during batting practice, when all ticket-holders are permitted to get about 40 feet from the players.

Next to Scott Brick, this guy is my favorite non-husband man!

Seating at the stadium is laughably expensive.  Along the baselines, Legends Seating offers comfy seats and waitress service for upwards up $800 per seat.  Behind that, the seats go for $250-$500.  Needless to say, our tickets were somewhere north of Canada in the upper deck.  For the last half hour of batting practice, we stood behind the Field MVP section which is shaded by an overhang and then decided to stay there for the duration–the vantage point was great!

About 40 minutes into the game, the guard posted in the section took pity on us–the last 6 rows of the section were empty–and he let us all sit in the MVP area!  Hello, princess seats!!  If we would have purchased the seats, we’d be looking at $261.00 each!

The lap of luxury--with waitress service and an awning to protect me from the blazing sun.

The Yankees went on to win the game and it was all unicorns and rainbows…until I skipped out of the stadium to Jerome Avenue where I’d parked my car (on the street).

I even ASKED a police officer before parking in the spot (where a million other cars were also parked) if it was legal.

Looks like I paid for that seat upgrade one way or another!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  What was on your agenda?


  • At 2012.04.30 12:06, Sandy said:

    Isn’t there a Seinfeld episode about everything always evening out? I believe in that. Well, it sounds like a fun weekend! I know about crazy weekends, with two kids, but they aren’t quite as exciting, unless you are into horseback riding, animal shelters, volleyball, and maybe a glass of wine and a movie at home if I am lucky.
    Sandy´s last blog post ..Bridesmaids (2011)

    • At 2012.04.30 12:30, Ti said:

      Oh! You missed Lifeboat! Love that film!
      Ti´s last blog post ..The Sunday Salon: The End is Near

      • At 2012.04.30 15:55, bermudaonion (Kathy) said:

        Wow, those seats are expensive – tickets for Braves games are much cheaper. Do you have a link for your Etsy shop on your blog?
        bermudaonion (Kathy)´s last blog post ..Mailbox Monday

        • At 2012.04.30 17:26, Jenners said:

          That is quite a busy and diverse weekend!! Boo to the traffic ticket! Yay for your world famous tweet! Loving those bowls!
          Jenners´s last blog post ..Admitting Defeat, Zinn … And Repurposing A Fountain

          • At 2012.04.30 20:12, Christy @ The Daily Dish said:

            I know you lurve him, but… no. GO PHILS!

            Glad to hear you’re having such fun. I am DYING OVER HERE.

            Pray for me. (and send some bowls. mine are all dirty!)


            • At 2012.04.30 22:28, softdrink said:

              Parking tickets suck!!! Can you forward it to that cop who obviously lied?
              softdrink´s last blog post ..Silver Sparrow

              • At 2012.05.01 23:13, Lisa said:

                We just happened to catch A Night To Remember on tv the other night. There were a lot of things I really liked about it – I definitely appreciated that Jack and Rose weren’t racing all over the ship as it was sinking! On the other hand, the long shots kept showing the ship sunk almost to the top decks but then the lifeboats having to be lowered a great distance.

                You did get lucky with those great seats! My daughter loves, loves the Yankees-pretty sure if we ever get to NYC, she’s going to think we need those $800 seats!
                Lisa´s last blog post ..Lulu In The Sky by Loung Ung

                • At 2012.05.15 21:15, Kathleen said:

                  I love those bowls and remember those myself from back in the day! Did we all have them? Ha!
                  Kathleen´s last blog post ..Afterwards by Rosamund Lupton

                  • At 2012.05.21 14:29, Care said:

                    BIZZY BIZZY! Actually, I had a lovely relaxing weekend enjoying the weather and reading on the boat.
                    Care´s last blog post ..Monday, So Let’s Talk Mailbox

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