Mailbox Monday

Sporadic Mailbox Monday participant that I am, this week’s haul is really two weeks’ worth of books from a variety of sources.  I love stocking up on good reads as the weather gets colder; the stocking up part is complete, now I’m just waiting for the cold weather.

I’ll take it from the top of the stack:

  1. Taylor Lautner: I won this mini-book at the midnight opening of Breaking Dawn on Friday (no scoffing, please).  A friend and I went on a lark–she scored tickets at the awesome AMC Dine-In Theater in Menlo Park, and we had assigned seats for an over-21 crowd (they serve liquor).  The waitresses were decked out in bridal veils, drink specials included ‘Edward’s Kiss’ which came with a set of plastic fangs, and a good time was had by all.  I will concede that going out after 10pm is not as easy as it was back in college.
  2. Salt by Mark Kurlansky: I purchased this at my local used bookshop and can’t wait to give it a read.  Penned by an award winning author, this nonfiction piece promises to school me in the importance of “our only edible rock”.  This book piqued my interest because I have a friend (Christy over at The Daily Dish) who lives with Meniere’s disease–a condition that is exacerbated by sodium intake.
  3. Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese:  This was another purchase at Recycled Reading and it’s more of a quest than anything else.  After all the rave reviews I read on various blogs, I borrowed this book on audio but just couldn’t slog through it on my commute because it required too much concentration.  I have about 60% of the book to finish and hope that I can enjoy it more on the page.
  4. The Bungalow by Sarah Jio: I first heard of Sarah Jio after reading about her last novel, The Violets of March, on Edelweiss.  I enjoyed the novel and shared it with my mom and aunt and am looking forward to this one.  It came courtesy of the author.
  5. You’re (Not) the One by Alexandra Potter: This title came my way via the publisher–Plume Books–and is touted as a ‘witty romance’.  This one is due out at the end of November, and I’ll be reviewing it here.
  6. Walking Back to Happiness by Lucy Dillion: This one is slated for release early in December and man’s best friend plays a starring role, helping protagonist Juliet regain her bearings after suffering a devastating loss.  Thanks to Berkley Publishing for this title.
  7.  bird by bird by Annie Lamont: For the struggling author dwelling inside, Lamont dishes up some wisdom and insight for anyone with a passion for writing.  I purchased this at Recycled Reading after hearing about it a while back on Twitter.  Published back in 1995, Lamont’s nuggets of wisdom are still relevant today.
  8.  The Lovely Shoes by Susan Shreve:  I’m on the hunt for some YA recommendations for my students, and I scooped this one up at Recycled Reading.  Have any other suggestions for me?
  9. Red-Robed Priestess by Elizabeth Cunningham: This novel came to me unsolicited via a PR group, and I’m hesitant to give it a read because it’s part of a series–I prefer to read them in order–and it has strong religious undercurrents.  If you’re interested in reading and reviewing this one–it’s part of the Maeve Chronicles–drop me an email.
  10. Cook Like a Rockstar by Anne Burrell: Last and definitely NOT least, this awesome cookbook was a gift from my cousin.  I’m looking forward to featuring some of the recipes on future Weekend Cooking posts and have to say the photos and recipes look great.  Burrell uses language I understand, and the recipes are chock full of ingredients I’m actually familiar with!  More to come on this one…
And that’s my mailbox!  Have you read any of my titles?  What was in your mailbox?
Thanks to Marcia over at the Printed Page for graciously hosting. 



  • At 2011.11.20 18:52, softdrink said:

    I loved bird by bird…and I’m not even an aspiring writer.
    softdrink´s last blog post ..Show me the rain!

    • At 2011.11.20 19:06, Steph said:

      I love movie theaters that cater to a 21+ crowd and serve drinks and food. It’s the perfect combination of dinner & a movie! I’m not sure that I would go see a Twilight movie, however, even if the tickets were free (though it does sound like plenty of fun was had!)…
      Steph´s last blog post ..“The Radleys” by Matt Haig

      • At 2011.11.21 21:14, Natalie said:

        i almost didn’t mention the whole twilight thing for fear of losing my ‘street cred’ in the book crowd (lol), but i want you guys to love me for who i am, dorkiness and all!

      • At 2011.11.20 19:33, Bluestocking said:

        I’m so jealous!!!!

        Here is mine
        Bluestocking´s last blog post ..Graceling

        • At 2011.11.20 19:48, kaye said:

          Fantastic mailbox! Anne Burrell is entertaining but I wish she would comb her hair, not just stick her head in the blender. Have a great week and enjoy all your new reads.

          • At 2011.11.21 21:16, Natalie said:

            my cousin and i had an entire conversation about my prejudice against anne BECAUSE of her insane hair! i have only watched about 2 minutes of one of her shows because her hairdo makes me nutso, but my cousin was able to get me to see reason: anne can cook and she loves bacon. i’m sold!

          • At 2011.11.20 20:53, Kathleen said:

            You have a great stack! I haven’t read any of them but have hear great things about several of them. Hope you enjoy them all!
            Kathleen´s last blog post ..It’s a Dog’s Life

            • At 2011.11.20 20:57, Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said:

              I’ve want to read Salt for awhile. I love nonfiction that’s all about a single topic that I don’t know anything about. I hope it’s great!
              Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness)´s last blog post ..The Sunday Salon: Snowstorms and Speedy Re-Reading

              • At 2011.11.20 20:59, Jenners said:

                Bird By Bird is really really good! I’m sure you’ll like it.
                Jenners´s last blog post ..Review: The Redbreast by Jo Nesbo

                • At 2011.11.20 22:02, Laurel-Rain Snow said:

                  I’m eagerly awaiting my own copy of The Bungalow. I can’t wait! Hope you enjoy all of your books.

                  Here’s MY MONDAY MEMES POST and
                  MY WEBSITE
                  Laurel-Rain Snow´s last blog post ..MONDAY FROM THE INTERIOR — MAILBOX MONDAY & WHAT ARE YOU READING? — NOV. 21

                  • At 2011.11.20 22:59, bermudaonion (Kathy) said:

                    So many good books, but the one that is calling my name is The Bungalow. Enjoy!
                    bermudaonion (Kathy)´s last blog post ..Weekend Cooking: The New Southern Garden Cookbook

                    • At 2011.11.20 23:06, Mystica said:

                      You’ve got some gorgeous books here. Enjoy them all.
                      Mystica´s last blog post ..MAILBOX MONDAY/IT’S MONDAY WHAT ARE YOU READING?

                      • At 2011.11.21 07:49, Mary said:

                        Wow, amazing mailbox! I still need to read Jio’s first book – it’s on my shelf. Have a good week!
                        Mary´s last blog post ..Mailbox Monday – November 21

                        • At 2011.11.21 10:49, Care said:

                          I can heartily rec the Salt book (Kim! You’ll love it) and of course, bird by bird. It’s fabulous.
                          I would love to cook with Anne Burrell – I’m a fan. I almost bought this book last week but hub – the one who actually cooks in this house – says we don’t need anymore cook books! sigh
                          Care´s last blog post ..A Visit from the Goon Squad

                          • At 2011.11.21 11:58, avisannschild said:

                            Wow, that’s a beautiful (and very red) pile! The only one I’ve read is Bird by Bird and it’s a keeper. Enjoy!
                            avisannschild´s last blog post ..Mailbox Monday (November 21)

                            • At 2011.11.21 21:13, Natalie said:

                              can i tell you that after i uploaded the photos it drove me crazy that there were two red books in a row?! i almost went back and reshot the photo but was overcome by sloth. still, it makes me nuts to see the photo. i should have swapped you’re (not) the one with walking back to happiness. lol. ocd much?

                              • At 2011.11.21 21:19, avisannschild said:

                                Ha-ha-ha-ha, I hadn’t even noticed until you mentioned it, but now I see what you mean! (I think I would have been tempted to reshoot the photo too!) 🙂
                                avisannschild´s last blog post ..Mailbox Monday (November 21)

                            • At 2011.11.21 12:28, Beth(bookaholicmom) said:

                              The Bungalow is on my wish list! I am wishing really hard! Great stack of books! I could share some cold weather with you if you are missing out on it! Really, it’s no trouble at all! Have a great week!

                              • At 2011.11.21 12:55, mary Ann Langan said:
                                • At 2011.11.21 14:25, Ti said:

                                  If I were to see Breaking Dawn, that is how I would want to see it.

                                  I have The Bungalow on my Kindle. Hope to start it this weekend in between King.
                                  Ti´s last blog post ..Giveaway Winner: The Personal History of Rachel DuPree

                                  • At 2011.11.21 14:43, Meg said:

                                    I’m closing in on the final pages of The Bungalow right now after just starting Saturday afternoon — I haven’t been able to put it down! I’m not sure what it is about Jio’s writing, but she totally sucks you in. There are a few moments where I’m like, “Eh, that was cleaned up rather neatly — how fortunate,” but it doesn’t bother me all that much. The romantic storyline usurps my unhappiness about unrealistic goings-on.
                                    Meg´s last blog post ..And know that you are everything

                                    • At 2011.11.21 15:50, Anna said:

                                      I’ve heard great things about Bird by Bird. Enjoy your new books!
                                      Anna´s last blog post ..War Through the Generations 2012 Challenge: World War I

                                      • At 2011.11.21 18:08, toothybooks said:

                                        i’m with you on the staying up past 10! the other day i wanted to go to bed at 8:30, but i forced myself to stay awake because it was too early and then i got my second wind around 10:30 and couldn’t fall asleep until midnight. i know, my sleep schedule is completely out of whack.

                                        hope you enjoy the books you got! i haven’t heard of most of these books so i’ll be waiting for your reviews to see if its worth my time.
                                        toothybooks´s last blog post ..Review: The Spellman Files

                                        • At 2011.11.22 20:56, Dishy said:

                                          Oooooh sweet!

                                          Put me down for cookin like a rockstar. Can’t wait to see what you make. Hold the salt (and Salt) though. 😉

                                          Happy turkey day, babe!

                                          Dishy´s last blog post ..Just in time for Thanksgiving..

                                          • At 2011.11.25 08:15, Beth F said:

                                            Happy Thanksgiving! What a great stack of books. Glad to know that I’m not the only one who hasn’t read Cutting for Stone yet.
                                            Beth F´s last blog post ..Imprint Friday (& Giveaway): The Book of (Holiday) Awesome by Neil Pasricha

                                            • At 2011.11.25 11:46, Sheila (Book Journey) said:

                                              Cutting for Stone is sooooo fantastic!
                                              Sheila (Book Journey)´s last blog post ..Morning Meanderings… What Crazy People Do on Thanksgiving

                                              • At 2011.11.25 15:58, Sarah said:

                                                A lot of these, I’ve been wanting to read, so I look forward to your reviews (especially on Salt; I’ve wanted to read that for a while). I just started a book blog, literally posting my first entry today. I am a photographer in VA and have a somewhat popular photo blog at, but I’ve always had a passion for reading and writing about books, so I’m giving this a go. Stop by and let me know what you think. I love your blog, and hope to get mine out there soon! 🙂
                                                Sarah´s last blog post ..Welcome!

                                                • At 2011.11.28 13:34, Ann said:

                                                  I came across books that I have collected over the year with a Christmas theme so I’m all set for the holidays.
                                                  Ann´s last blog post ..99 Cent Books for Kindle and Other E-Readers

                                                  • At 2011.11.28 21:51, Marg said:

                                                    I recently got The Bungalow too, and I am really looking forward to reading it!
                                                    Marg´s last blog post ..Teaser Tuesday: Camp Nine by Vivienne Schiffer

                                                    • At 2011.11.29 23:55, Jess - A Book Hoarder said:

                                                      I read Bird by Bird this semester for a class I am taking for fun and I really enjoyed it. I also think it is funny how itty bitty the Taylor Lautner book looks on top of all the rest.
                                                      Jess – A Book Hoarder´s last blog post ..Guest Post: Doug Skopp, author of Shadows Walking

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