Friday Photos: Fall 2011

While visiting my sister and nephew up in North Jersey on Tuesday, I wrangled them into going out for an impromptu photo shoot.  There were a few places around the town that I thought might provide interesting backdrops, and the weather couldn’t have been more glorious.  Also, taking pictures of these two is so simple because they both have great, natural smiles!

This first photo made me smile because I caught my nephew laughing his head off after telling my sister a silly joke.  He’s at such a magical age–almost 5–and it’s so easy to have fun with him.  My sister is trying to adjust to her dark brown ‘chemo curls’, but as a former dark blonde who had thicker and straighter hair than you can imagine, it’s been a bit of a challenge.  Thankfully, she’s feeling great and if her biggest complaint after all this is crazy hair, I for one say YAHOO!

In the two hours we were out, I shot over 230 photos at four different locations.  The old firehouse provided a great brick wall backdrop, a churchyard offered up old trees and lots of leaves to throw, a semi-abandonded train track (with a few old trains) was terrific, and a random garage and cobblestone driveway was my favorite.

I’d like to take some photography classes–hopefully in 2012–because I really enjoy this hobby.  How about you?  Are you a fellow shutterbug like my friend Meg (from Write Meg!) and me?


  • At 2011.11.11 13:43, bermudaonion (Kathy) said:

    I love the photos! I want to be a shutterbug, but my pictures generally stink. I wish I could figure out how to blur the background. I did just get a basic digital photography book, but now I have to find the time to read it.
    bermudaonion (Kathy)´s last blog post ..Review: I Didn’t Ask to be Born (But I’m Glad I Was)

    • At 2011.11.11 14:08, Kathleen said:

      Your pictures are fantastic. You are definitely a talented photographer. That first picture with your nephew throwing his head back to laugh is priceless!
      Kathleen´s last blog post ..It’s a Dog’s Life

      • At 2011.11.11 15:04, avisannschild said:

        Yay, so happy to hear your sister is doing so well! Your pics are gorgeous! I also really love the first one. Hope you do manage to take some classes in 2012 — you have a great eye!
        avisannschild´s last blog post ..Similar Covers: Boys

        • At 2011.11.11 19:47, Cath @ Constance Reader said:

          I love my Canon 50mm lens! Great pics. 🙂

          • At 2011.11.11 21:17, Jenners said:

            There is nothing better than a 5-year-old laughing their head off. And I think your sister looks fantastic!
            Jenners´s last blog post ..Review: The Ledge by Jim Davidson and Kevin Vaughn

            • At 2011.11.12 02:05, Jessica said:

              Fantastic fall photos! Isn’t it amazing how at that age anything remotely silly can give them genuine big belly laughs? Ah, to be a kid again! May I ask what kind of camera you used? I absolutely abhor my current point-and-shoot and am anticipating receiving a digital SLR for Christmas, provided I do the research and determine which one I’d like. Any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated!
              Jessica´s last blog post ..Happy NaNoWriMo!

              • At 2011.11.12 17:46, softdrink said:

                I love that first picture…so much happiness!
                softdrink´s last blog post ..Falling Together

                • At 2011.11.13 11:08, Jody said:

                  I have no talent when it comes to photography. Even with our fancy DSLR and reading a ton about it, I cannot for the life of me remember all the exposure, light, stuff that makes a picture good (i.e. blurring a background, etc). I hope you get your lens!
                  Jody´s last blog post ..The elusive Runner’s High

                  • At 2011.11.13 16:27, Dishy said:

                    Hope Santa brings you your lens! Love the pics, Nat!
                    Dishy´s last blog post ..Low Sodium Spotlight: Umit Demir

                    • At 2011.11.14 08:25, Beth F said:

                      Naw, I hate taking my camera for a walk. LOL I hope you get all the lenses you’re heart desires.
                      Beth F´s last blog post ..What’s in a Name 5: Sign Up

                      • At 2011.11.15 17:30, Meg said:

                        Aww, we are two shutterbug peas in a pod!

                        Love these photos of your sister and nephew — how sweet and precious. I imagine he is totally a hoot! I love chatting with kids — they’re so hilarious. Wish we had some little ones in my family, but I imagine that my own children will be the next ones making their appearance in our clan!

                        I got a big lens for Christmas last year — the one I’ve been using every day since, a Tamron 18-270 — but I could always use another one. Maybe Santa is reading our posts!
                        Meg´s last blog post ..Lending a (written) hand: Holiday Mail for Heroes

                        • At 2011.11.15 23:33, Natalie said:

                          oooh, i had my hands on the tamron but went with the canon 18-135 instead–it was a tough decision. ant bought me the wide angle 10-22 for christmas–i LOVE that lens–and the only other one i want is the portrait one i mentioned in this post–the 85mm f/1.2. sadly, it’s a bit pricey. my mom asked about it after reading this post, but when i mentioned the price, she snorted with laughter. guess i’ll have to save up for it…

                        • At 2011.11.16 00:13, stacybuckeye said:

                          Fun pics! I think your sister’s hair looks very cute.
                          stacybuckeye´s last blog post ..Initial Quiz

                          • At 2011.11.16 01:03, Carol said:

                            Gee Nat, why not a new car?? That lens you so dearly want is over $2,000.
                            Love, Mom

                            • At 2011.11.16 21:36, toothybooks said:

                              aww, how fun! i’m glad to see that your sister is doing so well!!

                              i want to take some photography classes too, but i probably won’t have time for that until i graduate. my brother recently bought a cannon s95 for me but i’m still trying to figure out how aperature, shutter speed, and iso affects a picture.
                              toothybooks´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday: Dallas, TX

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