Home Sweet Home

Anthony and I arrived home safely and have been trying to adjust to life outside the castle.  I imagine we must be feeling something akin to what Fergie felt after being demoted (probably not the technical term!) from her position as Duchess of York.

We sorely miss the sights, Irish breakfasts, and pampering we received at the hands of our accommodating hosts at each manor house and castle.  Our anniversary trip was truly a dream come true; we savored every moment!

Back in the real world, we’re contending with a positively Himalayan heap of laundry, jet lag, and all the other minutiae of life.  I missed blogging, commenting, and chatting with you guys and have designs on tackling my Google reader this weekend.

I hope you enjoyed the photos and commentary of our trip.  Thanks for your comments and good wishes!  It’s back to books and all that good stuff next week.



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