The (Secret) Passage

I guess Anthony and I watched too many episodes of Scooby Doo when we were kids because we would love nothing more than a bookcase secret passage in our next house.

We’re avid readers and think this architectural detail would be so much fun.  Gourmet kitchens, wine cellars, and three-car garages would be lost on us, but a swiveling bookshelf that leads to a secret room? Yes, please!

Ant has designs on a shelf that requires a certain book being pulled out to activate the door, while I’m more of a ‘hidden button in a knot of wood’ type of girl.  Whatever the mechanism, we would love to have this feature in our next house.  We already have a contractor lined up, now we just need to find the perfect house.

Actually, we found our dream house 15 years ago, but it’s in Danby, Vermont and poses a bit of a challenge with our daily commute.  When we first saw this house it was on the market for $185,000 and in desperate need of major structural repairs.  Fortunately, it was eventually purchased and has been carefully restored to its former glory.  While we’re bummed that we don’t live there (yet), we’re delighted that the new owners put so much work into ‘our’ house!

You can call me Mortia Addams, if you’re so inclined!  I’m off to the drafting table to come up with some other design ideas for my Second Empire mansion.


  • At 2011.06.01 02:30, vivienne said:

    Oh I love that house. I would have bought it too! Shame you didn’t get to buy it, but perhaps one day you will and won’t have the cost of doing it up.They did the work for you.

    I want a secret passageway too!
    vivienne´s last blog post ..Really Random Tuesday

    • At 2011.06.01 07:10, dido said:

      ohh that secret door is …. a wonderfull idea! coooooooooooooool
      love the house as well !
      dido´s last blog post ..does acupuncture hurt

      • At 2011.06.01 09:00, bermudaonion (Kathy) said:

        I secret passage through a bookcase sounds delightful to me too!

        • At 2011.06.01 13:02, Crystal @ I Totally Paused! said:

          I adore that idea and love this house too! I’m a knot in the wood kind of girl too, cuz it makes finding the method of opening the door a little sneakier 😉
          Crystal @ I Totally Paused!´s last blog post ..Teaser Tuesday! May 31- 2011

          • At 2011.06.01 14:10, Liz (Roving Reader) said:

            Love the bookcase secret passage idea! I adored “Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase” when I was younger and have always dreamed of moving into a house with secret entrances and exits 🙂
            Liz (Roving Reader)´s last blog post ..Review- The Violets of March by Sarah Jio

            • At 2011.06.01 14:44, livelaughloveliquor said:

              I want secret passages, hidden bookcases and underground tunnels. Sadly, my crirca 1985 center hall colonial cookie cutter development house on 1/2 acre will have to do for now!!

              Love the VT house.
              livelaughloveliquor´s last blog post ..The Dancing Queen at Frankenstein’s Lab

              • At 2011.06.01 15:33, softdrink said:

                Yes, but did they include that secret book passageway when they remodeled your house??
                softdrink´s last blog post ..My return to teaching

                • At 2011.06.01 22:18, BryOak said:

                  What a lovely, pretty house and so very reasonable too (compared to Aussie house prices.) I also have always wanted sercret passageways. We are currently in the process of designing our own home (we’ve bought the block and now just need an architect who cna read my mind adn put down on paper the images I see in my head.) We are incorporating a passagesway from one child’s bedroom into the other one. Now just need to find a way to get a secret passageways for me so when the kids annoy me, I can sneak off into it and they won’t have a clue where I am!!
                  BryOak´s last blog post ..Gotta Love a Rumble through the Jumble…

                  • At 2011.06.02 08:39, Connie said:

                    I went on a home tour that featured an upstairs room that was accessed by book cases. If you didn’t know it was there you would never find it! LOVED it. I want one myself!
                    Connie´s last blog post ..Putting on the Super G Mom Cape

                    • At 2011.06.02 14:54, Belle Wong said:

                      Ooh, I love secret passages – I never thought about actually building one into the house before! We’re in the process of decluttering in order to sell our house, so I guess I’ll have to put this idea on hold for a while, but it’s absolutely brilliant. Plus, Scooby Doo was my favourite cartoon growing up!

                      • At 2011.06.02 18:38, toothybooks said:

                        i love the idea of a bookcase leading into a secret passage. not to mention “your” house looks awesome! i wish i could see the interior design of it.
                        toothybooks´s last blog post ..Review- The Help

                        • At 2011.06.02 20:30, Jenners said:

                          I would love a secret room!! I’d never reveal the secret to getting into it to my son and I’d hide out in it when I need some quiet time. I love your dream house … such personality!
                          Jenners´s last blog post ..Writer’s Workshop- Six Word Memoirs

                          • At 2011.06.03 09:30, Meg said:

                            Oh, I’d be all about a secret passage bookcase, too! Though I would probably just have a comfy chair and more bookcases on the other side . . .

                            And that house is very cool — Gothic and wild. Love it!
                            Meg´s last blog post ..write meg! turns three

                            • At 2011.06.03 19:28, Dishy said:

                              Ahhh, the manse. One day, friend, one day..

                              Now I think we should convert one of our through-ways into a secret bookcase room. It would be so easy to do!! Hmmmmmmmmmm….
                              Dishy´s last blog post ..Sweet Potato Crisps

                              • At 2011.06.05 20:22, Misha said:

                                I love secret passages and bookshelves leading to a secret room! I guess I’ve watched too many episodes of Scooby Doo too 😀 That house looks wonderful.

                                • At 2011.06.06 22:23, Lisa said:

                                  I would love to live in an old house that someone else had done all of the heaving lifting on! Especially if it had a secret passage!
                                  Lisa´s last blog post ..48 Hour Book Challenge – The End

                                  • At 2011.06.10 04:03, kay said:

                                    This house is beautiful, and so much history!
                                    I would love to have a secret passage book door, too. I wonder if I could teach the cat how to open the door? Otherwise, he’ll just meow on the other side constantly.
                                    kay´s last blog post ..This or That 3

                                    • At 2011.06.12 00:40, avisannschild said:

                                      First off, I totally want a secret passage in my house too!

                                      Secondly, you were totally right, we drove right past your dream house on the way home from Manchester, VT! I don’t remember noticing it, although we did notice lots of big, lovely homes (and a fair number of falling-apart places as well). Did you visit that place while it was on the market? I wonder how many rooms it has… It must be expensive to heat!
                                      avisannschild´s last blog post ..Similar Covers- Girl and Tree

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