Chocodile Rock

An age difference of two years doesn’t seem like much, but as childhood memories go, it’s an eternity .  Anthony has  22 months on me and those few months have often left me struggling to remember musical groups or television shows that he vividly recalls.  While he was sneaking into the theater to see Porky’s, I was watching Ricky Schroder ham it up on Silver Spoons.

Two weeks ago, Ant came home from work–a place he happily describes as a frat house for Star Wars and horror movie nerds–talking up snack cakes.  Now, I’m no stranger to the snack cake–the trifecta of the 80s included the Twinkie, the Devil Dog, and the Ring Ding–but my husband was rabid about a snack cake AND mascot I couldn’t recall.

Our conversation–as many of them do–went approximately like this:

  • Ant: So, we were talking about snack cakes at work today and I trumped everyone by coming up with a classic–CHOCODILES!  Remember those–the commercial had a crocodile for a mascot.
  • Nat: Chocodiles?  Hmmm, I don’t remember seeing those around.
  • Ant: Sure you do!  Hostess made them–they were like Twinkies but but better because they were ENROBED (I swear he said that) in chocolate!  Not only did we find an old commercial for Chocodiles online–you know, with Chauncey Crocodile, the official mascot–but Huc (everyone in his “office” goes by a nickname) found a website where we could order them online!
  • Nat: (a bit underwhelmed) Wow.
  • Ant: I know, I know!  We all kicked in a few bucks and the Chocodiles should arrive sometime next week!

Which is how I ended up trying out a Chocodile tonight after dinner.  Chocodiles are still produced by a select few Hostess factories on the West Coast and aren’t available here on the East Coast.  Thankfully, the internet has afforded us the opportunity to have these treats delivered to our doorstep should the craving arise.

I warily unwrapped my Chocodile and primed it for a photo op.  It looked like a Twinkie that fell into a pot of waxy chocolate.  I hefted it on to a plate–it was surprisingly heavy–and prepared to give it a nibble.  To be honest, it didn’t look too appetizing.

I decided it might be wise to do a bit of dissection before biting into the Chocodile.  Armed with a knife, I bisected the snack cake to get a cross section.  I wanted to see for myself what exactly was inside!

Not too promising, but I pressed on in the name of adventure (and blog fodder)!  My verdict on the Chocodile?  Well, suffice to say that there’s one member of this household who isn’t crying that these treats aren’t available at our local WaWa (convenience store, for all you West Coasters!).   The Chocodile was waxy, dense, and pretty gross. (Sorry, Ant.)

I ate two bites and was about to wrap the remainder in foil when I noticed the expiration date on the wrapper–MAY 6th! Ewww. My husband is fobbing off stale Chocodiles on me.  I’m not sure that a snack cake such as this one–pumped full of chemicals and preservatives as it must be–would be impacted by something as insignificant as an expiration date, but I’ll have to reserve my final judgment until the next box of Chocodiles arrives.

So, are you a fan of the Chocodile?  Have you even heard of them?  I’m more of a TastyKake girl, myself.


  • At 2011.05.13 07:26, bermudaonion (Kathy) said:

    I haven’t heard of them, but I never liked Twinkies and rarely got any kind of snack cakes as a kid.
    bermudaonion (Kathy)´s last blog post ..Guest review- The President’s Vampire

    • At 2011.05.13 09:47, rhapsodyinbooks said:

      Uck these look awful, and unworthy of the word “enrobed” LOL! I’m a Tastycaker too!!!
      rhapsodyinbooks´s last blog post ..Review of “The Snowman” by Jo Nesbo

      • At 2011.05.13 10:53, A Southern Cousin said:

        Why don’t I remember the Chocodile? Even with my few scant years on you. . . Hmmm. . .

        Never a big fan of the Hostess snack set. I agree with you, I am more of a Butterscotch Krimpet kind of gal. Hugs to all.

        • At 2011.05.13 10:58, Ti said:

          Ding Dongs were my drug of choice back in the day… the foil wrapped Ding Dongs which you can still get in a large box, but the individual ones are wrapped in plastic which = stale goods!

          BUT! BUT…. when I didn’t want that I went for SnoBalls.


          Nastiness x 10. I cannot eat these at all now!
          Ti´s last blog post ..Review- The Snowman

          • At 2011.05.13 11:35, Meg said:

            Oh my. I’ve never seen or heard of the Chocodile, but I can certainly appreciate the quest for snack cakes from our youth! And amazing that the Internet allows us to track down delectable things we never thought we’d see again. Hilarious that Ant’s whole work place ponied up to purchase some, too — love it!

            My favorite snack from childhood would have to be the Cow Tail — a caramel-flavored candy with a creamy icing in the middle (?). Hard to describe but so completely delicious! They’re still carried at most convenience stores for about 30 cents or so, and I’ve even spotted a few strawberry varieties (at WaWa! It’s the best).
            Meg´s last blog post ..‘I Capture the Castle’ — and a castle of my own

            • At 2011.05.13 12:11, Dishy said:

              I remember chocodiles but as a kid preferred ring dings which have chocolate cake inside and a much-less-waxy outer coating. As far a tastykakes go, as I kid I went for butterscotch krimpets (NEVER jelly -yeech) and as a teen I loved me a tastykreme or coconut cream pie (pumpkin at holidays). My daughters now prefer zebra cakes or cosmic brownies (Little Debbie) or devil dogs (hostess)
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              • At 2011.05.13 12:12, Dishy said:

                Mmmeeeeemmmoriiiieeesss…. !!
                Dishy´s last blog post ..Mom Central Grants Program – Final Recap

                • At 2011.05.13 15:18, livelaughloveliquor said:

                  Nat, i always found chocodiles GROSS! waxy chocolate, you aint kidding.

                  Dolly Madison raspberry Zingers, now THAT is a snack cake. Liek a twinkie rolled in raspberry and cocoanut..mmmmm!
                  livelaughloveliquor´s last blog post ..My Prayers Have Been Answered and They Don’t Include Bacon

                  • At 2011.05.13 17:36, Jody said:

                    Proud to say I’ve never tried a Twinkie, a Ding-Dong or other snackie/processed/waxy cake thingy that never expires (seen Wall-E? His cockroach eats Twinkies that are perfectly fine at 700 years old). I was, and am still very much, a chip-head.
                    Jody´s last blog post ..Oh THERE you are- I’ve missed you!

                    • At 2011.05.13 18:57, Care said:

                      I don’t recall these but I canNOT resist a Twinkie since my mother never allowed nor sanctioned such. I had never heard of Ring Dings – I think it is an Atlantic coast NOT a midwest (by midwest I always mean WEST of the Mississippi River) thing. I crave Lucky Charms cereal sometimes when I’ve feeling really low.
                      Care´s last blog post ..This One

                      • At 2011.05.13 19:57, toothybooks said:

                        I’ve never heard of the Chocodiles or of TastyKakes. Now I’m going to have to go on a mission of hunting those snacks down. I had the biggest sweet tooth in the world when I was a kid, but now that I’m trying think of my favorite a snack as a kid I’m drawing up a blank. Geez, what did i eat when I was a kid?
                        toothybooks´s last blog post ..Review- The Ninth Wife

                        • At 2011.05.13 20:10, softdrink said:

                          I was never much for the snack cakes, although I have heard of chocodiles. My mom always made us cookies…way better than any of that processed crap!

                          • At 2011.05.13 21:09, Jenners said:

                            This rings a very very distant and faint bell. But it sounds awful. Give me a Ding Dong any day. Or a Devil Dog. Hey … at least the Chocodile expired May 8, 2011 and not May 8, 1982.
                            Jenners´s last blog post ..Writer’s Workshop- Cute Quirks Become Aggravating Annoyances

                            • At 2011.05.16 02:15, kay said:

                              Oh my, this is one of the funniest posts I’ve read! Haha!
                              The Man and I also have a similar age difference (just a tad over 2 years) and it’s impressive the number of tv shows, artists, books, etc. we don’t have in common. We’ve never had this discussion about candy though. In fact, for the longest time, we both had no idea what a Twinkie was, but I think it’s maybe more of a cultural thing!
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