Wordless Wednesday: Florida Style

I have been such a slug since arriving in Florida last Friday.  I’ve been reading, relaxing, swimming, and doing tons of shopping at local thrift and antique shops.  Oh, and one more activity I’ve elevated to a sport: GATOR HUNTING!  Since my parents bought a house here in Florida 9 years ago, I’ve been trying to find an alligator “in the wild” with no success…until the other day!

This little guy was lurking in a retention pond behind the local library! (Click on photo for larger image...if you dare!)

I’m headed home tomorrow (boo!) and plan to drive to at least southern Virginia before calling it a day.  I’ve got a few more audio books to carry me through–Mockingjay, The Passage, and I’m finishing up Clive Cussler’s Valhalla Rising (I would listen to Scott Brick narrate anything).


  • At 2011.04.20 18:44, Ti said:

    Funny that the one gator you see is by the library!

    You should have fun with those audio books. I imagine that The Passage will be fabulous on audio.
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    • At 2011.04.20 19:00, Natalie said:

      i’m sure the passage will be great–scott brick narrates–but it’s 37 HOURS long! lol. i’ll have to drive to california and back to listen to that one. 🙂

    • At 2011.04.20 18:44, bermudaonion (Kathy) said:

      We see alligators just about every time we go to Hilton Head. Will you be passing through the upstate of South Carolina tomorrow?

      • At 2011.04.20 18:59, Natalie said:

        Indeed, I shall! Hope to be passing through by 1pm or so. 🙂 I’ll wave and think of you!

      • At 2011.04.20 19:51, SpilledInkGuy said:

        That is quite a find!
        You are MUCH braver than I am, Natalie! Had I been in your shoes, this photo would be mostly sky (with blurry hints of flailing arms and legs thrown in for good measure – and speed)!
        SpilledInkGuy´s last blog post ..Couch… Saint Peters- Missouri

        • At 2011.04.20 20:51, Jenners said:

          Arch! That freaks me out” I think you have perfect audios for a long car trip!
          Jenners´s last blog post ..Review- The Long Goodbye by Meghan O’Rourke

          • At 2011.04.20 21:09, Julie @ Read Handed said:

            Where in Florida were you visiting?
            Julie @ Read Handed´s last blog post ..Poetry Month Spotlight- Billy Collins

            • At 2011.04.22 17:08, Natalie said:

              on the west coast, a bit south of sarasota.

          • At 2011.04.21 07:16, Beth F said:

            That’ll keep you indoors and reading!
            Beth F´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday 126

            • At 2011.04.21 14:20, Jennifer said:

              Great picture!! My husband’s late sister lived near Alligator Alley (Everglade City) and we still didn’t manage to see one. Guess we’ll have to settle for seeing on at the zoo. Safe travels.

              • At 2011.04.22 15:08, Unapologetically Mundane said:

                Eek! That’s one freaky thing about Florida. I mean, I lived in rural Ohio for most of my life and think I saw one snake in the woods the entire time. But the MOMENT I stepped foot in Florida in 2nd grade, I saw a snake, and my sister picked a slug off her shoe, thinking it was a rock. WHO WOULD LIVE THERE?!

                • At 2011.04.22 17:10, Natalie said:

                  it is scary to consider that weather and creatures are things to be reckoned with in florida. nj is more straightforward: traffic, mafia, and nuclear waste. lol.

                • At 2011.04.23 21:00, Jess - A Book Hoarder said:

                  That is such an awesome (and terrifying) picture!

                  I grew up tubing and skiing on lakes but when I moved to NC I was a total chicken and thought I was going to get eaten by a hungry alligator. It didn’t help that the week I moved there was a story about someone being attacked by one in SC while they were in a pond. However, I think if I was out looking for one it would be really cool to see it out swimming around.
                  Jess – A Book Hoarder´s last blog post ..The Peach Keeper – Sarah Addison Allen

                  • At 2011.04.25 12:46, Dishy said:

                    Awesome!! John & I drove through one of the nature refuges in Florida during our last trip & saw not only alligators of all sizes & shapes but manatees! VERY cool. Glad your trip was relaxing – hope you made it home safely & had a lovely Easter w/ Ant! XO
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