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If this weekend’s book purchases are any indication, it would seem that my self-imposed book buying ban has been lifted.  My spree began last Thursday after reading Jill’s (Rhapsody in Books) glowing review of Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver.  My library didn’t have a copy available and it was too late to run out to the store and buy the book.  So I kindled it.  Yes, I just turned Kindle into a verb.

On Saturday, my husband and I wandered the aisles at a local used book store–Recycled Reading–and each came away with some titles.  I was there to buy a few books for my aunt who’s under the weather and ended up with some goodies for me.

Buying books for others is always a struggle; I tend to project (and purchase) my tastes.  For the life of me I couldn’t think of a single author my aunt liked, so I bought two of my favorites and three more ‘mainstream’ authors.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, The Time Traveler’s Wife, and novels by Nicholas Sparks, Nora Roberts, and Debbie Macomber rounded out the selections.  My aunt was thrilled.

My husband picked out a lovely true crime novel–about a clown serial killer–and I selected three for myself.  Vivienne at Serendipity recommended Mudbound to me a while back, the Sarah Dessen will fill my YA craving, and I was sold on 29: A Novel by the cover. Oh, the whimsy.  I also recall seeing this one on a book blog somewhere, too.

And that was my weekend book buying extravaganza.  Have you purchased (or kindled!) anything new this week?


  • At 2010.11.08 23:32, softdrink said:

    I thought Mudbound was fantastic…good choice!
    softdrink´s last blog post ..The Heroine’s Bookshelf

    • At 2010.11.08 23:32, bermudaonion (Kathy) said:

      Every single book you bought for yourself sounds good to me! I hope you enjoy them all. I do have to wonder about your husband’s taste, though – a serial clown killer?

      • At 2010.11.08 23:55, Natalie said:

        i know, i know. he’s got a thing for true crime, horror movies, and scary stuff. one of his favorite reads is a book that was published in 1979 called ‘the darkest hours’ about all types of disasters. i just smile. lol.

      • At 2010.11.08 23:35, Coffee and a Book Chick said:

        These are some excellent choices — I can’t wait to read before i fall as well!!
        Coffee and a Book Chick´s last blog post ..By Fire- By Water- by Mitchell James Kaplan

        • At 2010.11.09 00:34, rhapsodyinbooks said:

          Yeah, I’m with Kathy: serial clown killer? Verrrry odd choice! :–)
          rhapsodyinbooks´s last blog post ..Review of “The Ice Princess” by Camilla Läckberg

          • At 2010.11.09 10:19, Ti said:

            I drooled over Jill’s review of Before I Fall, too. I’ve been trying to read what I have. I’m making progress but it’s always fun to check out the shelves every once in awhile.
            Ti´s last blog post ..The Sunday Salon- The Spending Has Begun

            • At 2010.11.09 10:29, Liz said:

              Having a Kindle is dangerous… I find it’s so easy to buy a book instantly that I forget I’m still paying money for it 🙂
              Liz´s last blog post ..Its Monday-What Are You Reading

              • At 2010.11.09 10:54, Meg said:

                Ooh, Sarah Dessen — have you read anything by her before? She’s one of my favorite YA authors and has some incredible books! Just Listen is easily my favorite, though I really loved The Truth About Forever, too. I’m sold on 29 based on the cover, too!
                Meg´s last blog post ..NaNoWriMo wrap-up- Week one

                • At 2010.11.09 11:03, vivienne said:

                  I do hope you enjoy Mudbound as much as I did. I always worry when someone buys a book on my recommendation, in case they don’t like it. I have Before I Fall too and hope to read it soon.
                  vivienne´s last blog post ..Really Random Tuesday

                  • At 2010.11.09 11:11, Jody said:

                    Ok, no one asked right? So what’s the name of the serial clown killer book? I now have the rest of your titles on my tbr list, but not the clown killer.
                    Jody´s last blog post ..Good God who knew budgeting with El cheapo could be so hard!

                  • At 2010.11.09 11:40, Beth F said:

                    I’ve been wanting to read Mudbound too.
                    Beth F´s last blog post ..Todays Read- Diamond Ruby by Joseph Wallace

                    • At 2010.11.09 15:28, Dishy said:

                      I agree w/ all the rest – clown serial killer books aren’t for me. The last one (IT) scared me so much I had to give up Stephen King altogether. No thanks.

                      I haven’t bought any books lately, but I’ve been reading several mysteries by P.D.James from the library. (The Private Patient, The Murder Room, The Lighthouse, now on Death in Holy Orders) She is a masterful writer, so much more than a “genre” author. Love her work!
                      Dishy´s last blog post ..Slow Cooker Beef and Beer Stew

                      • At 2010.11.09 21:06, Erin said:

                        Mudbound is phenomenal! Enjoy!

                        I think you got a great selection for your aunt. If I was your aunt, I’d be excited!
                        Erin´s last blog post ..Thoughts on “The Distant Hours” by Kate Morton

                        • At 2010.11.09 22:13, Sarah Laurence said:

                          I liked before i fall and loved The Potato (other than the long title) and The Time Traveler’s Wife. Sarah Dessen is always easy to read. Great choices! The latest book I bought was It’s Kind of Funny Story a YA by Ned Vizzini after laughing through the movie. So nice to connect with another book lover!

                          • At 2010.11.10 11:07, Anna said:

                            Sounds like you made some wise purchases! I haven’t bought any books recently, but there’s a library sale this weekend… 😉
                            Anna´s last blog post ..Review- Jane Bites Back by Michael Thomas Ford

                            • At 2010.11.12 10:54, Jenners said:

                              Jill got to me too, but my library did have “Before I Fall” so I didn’t have to kindle it.
                              Jenners´s last blog post ..Five Winners … And One Whiner

                              • At 2010.11.12 15:51, dw said:

                                i’ve heard great things about ‘before i fall’ and the other books look good to. i just recently started reading dessen and i’ve enjoyed the one book i read by her.

                                i’ve tried to restrained myself since i know i have wayyyy to many books right now, but i feel like going on a bit of a shopping spree lately so i might go pick up some books this weekend.

                                • At 2010.11.15 17:04, Kathleen said:

                                  I love that you “Kindled” something!
                                  Kathleen´s last blog post ..Thanks for the Books

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