Demolition Site: Hard Hats Required

Over the next few days, Book, Line, and Sinker will be undergoing major cosmetic enhancements.  To be honest, this is more reconstructive surgery than a mere eye lift, but I am still holding on to the hope of rolling  out the new look in the next few days.

Kindly bear with me as I  mangle coding, delete widgets, and generally make a mess of everything you see.  My sidebar is a wreck, posts and images may appear and disappear without notice, but it’s all a part of the process (or so I keep telling myself.)

I have ZERO experience designing or customizing websites, but a little thing like that would never stop me from undertaking a project that is so far beyond my scope that I can’t even think about it.   I’ll just continue to pick the brains of coding geniuses and hope for the best.


  • At 2010.10.20 08:13, Jenners said:

    Oh no … a falling post just fell on my head!! And then I got smacked by a widget! HELP!
    Jenners´s last blog post ..Various Bits of News … In Quiz Form

    • At 2010.10.20 18:54, Dishy said:

      Hahah! Cute, Jenners!

      Good luck Nat — only you would think to tackle more than you can chew.. (not) BTW, how did that slate floor pan out?? Your big Halloween shindig is nearly here!
      Dishy´s last blog post ..The Spice House

      • At 2010.10.20 21:05, nat @book, line, and sinker said:

        don’t spake about the floor. suffice to say we are holding the shindig at my sister’s house.

        as for a costume, i was just downstairs slaving on it with the trusty ol’ singer. i like to sew; i hate to measure. i eyeball everything. lol. should prove interesting.

        back to the trenches. xoxoxo

        • At 2010.10.21 21:51, Dishy-poo said:

          Yikes, well – at the very least I hope that means ALL ELSE is well. Give her my kindest regards! PS: you are way too OCD for yer own good. PPS: looks like I may be in Philly for T Day weekend! meebe. xo
          Dishy-poo´s last blog post ..Hummingbird Cake

      • At 2010.10.20 19:34, Belle said:

        Love the title of this post! Rolling up the sleeves and wading into code is not fun, but the end results are always well worth it!

        • At 2010.10.22 12:58, Dishy said:

          Nat, do you have an email subscribe button? For the life of me, I can’t find one. And the only way I keep up with blogs is to have the new post reminders. Thanks!
          Dishy´s last blog post ..Hummingbird Cake

          • At 2010.10.22 21:09, Lisa said:

            You’re a brave girl! Can’t wait to see the finished product! Dishy, Feedburner has an email subscribe button that’s easy to install.
            Lisa´s last blog post ..CSN StoresAnd Me!

            • At 2010.10.24 00:15, Coffee and a Book Chick said:

              My blogover is happening in a week as well, and I cannot wait! Looking forward to your new look!!
              Coffee and a Book Chick´s last blog post ..Missing 33 Pages

              • At 2010.10.24 16:31, dw said:

                ooh good luck with the new makeover!

                • At 2010.10.25 21:15, The Freak said:

                  Very nice, Nat! So clean and streamlined. Me likey. Now if you’d only install an email subscribe button… (I don’t do RSS) – XO – Love, The Freak.
                  The Freak´s last blog post ..Halloween Week

                  • At 2010.10.25 21:33, Natalie said:

                    Your wish is my command! I’m working on getting it set up in the footer. Will keep you posted.

                  • At 2010.10.26 08:01, Dishy said:

                    I wish I were typing WOOHOO! but alas, Feedburner is saying,

                    “The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled”

                    Anchors Aweigh, Help Me!!
                    Dishy´s last blog post ..Halloween Week

                    • At 2010.10.26 16:58, Natalie said:

                      i indicated in my last comment that i’m still working on getting it set up…sorry for the delay! it’s actually going to have a place of honor in the right side of the header bar! wahoo.

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