Review: The Book of Peach by Penelope J. Stokes

Title: The Book  of Peach

Author: Penelope J. Stokes

Genre/Pages: Fiction/ 304

Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group; August 3, 2010

Rating: 1.5 Bookmarks

Source: Publisher

Nat’s One-Sentence Synopsis:  Though Stokes’s writing is serviceable and her characters dynamic and well-developed, this southern fiction novel about coming home again didn’t reach out and grab me.

Priscilla Bell Posner Rondell, Peach to her friends, finds herself, at the direction of her therapist returning to her childhood home after the failure of her marriage.

Peach has been gone for 23 years, but Mama’s still worrying about her daughter’s reputation as a Southern Lady and takes pains to make sure Peach doesn’t sully the family name any more than she already has.

During her time at home, Peach goes on a journey of self-discovery and comes to learn that you can go home again–and it might be a worthwhile trip.

In all honesty, there is nothing inherently wrong with this novel, and I’m sure many people will enjoy it.  Penelope J. Stokes has command of the language, writes credible dialog, and creates round characters who grow as a result of insight and experiences.  That said, The Book of Peach didn’t speak to me.  I found myself reading a chapter at a time and never connected to or felt concerned with the characters.   I don’t like to feel that way about a book and really tried (without much success) to get more invested in the novel.

I’m certain that this author has solid following and that this book will find an audience.  I received this as an unsolicited review copy and feel that it wasn’t quite suited to my book preferences.


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