Archives for August 2010

Happily Ever After

While treasure hunting at some garage sales and a flea market today, I came across one of my favorite childhood books. The book had clearly been loved, abused, and well read, as evidenced from the missing cover, torn pages, and random crayon scribblings on some pages.  I thumbed through the tattered remains, wondering what I […]

Raid My Larder (More suggestive than it sounds…)

Last week I was talking up home cooking and meal plans as time and money savers.  I borrowed cookbooks from the library and found two new recipes to add to my limited culinary oeuvre. On Sunday morning, I stumbled into my kitchen at the virtually pre-dawn hour of 7am to commence my day of meal […]

Mailbox-ish Mondays

Technically, none of these books graced my mailbox, but I did pick them up this week.  A few came from the thrift store and a few from the library.  The Betty Crocker book is really interesting, but can’t say why I picked up the Dan Brown one.  I may have actually read it already–that’s how […]