Read, Remember, Recommend

Not too long ago, I was contacted by a PR person from Sourcebooks, Inc and given an opportunity to read one of their new releases, Read, Remember, and Recommend by Rachelle Rogers Knight.  Rachelle is a fellow book blogger (bibliobabe) who created this invaluable tool for readers and literary aficionados.

Divided into six sections, Knight’s journal offers an exhaustive list of book awards, complete with the history of each award and a list of past recipients–and blank spots for you to pencil in future winners.  There is a journal section where readers can take notes on what they’ve read, pages for keeping a list of books you’ve loaned, and pages for books that have been recommended.

There is an extensive list of resources, including links to many book blogs that I read on a daily basis.  Would it be shameless self-promotion to mention here that even Book, Line, and Sinker got a mention?

And will you think I’m a complete kook when I admit that after spotting Read, Remember, Recommend at Costco last week I grabbed the arm of a complete stranger and breathed, “My blog is mentioned in this book!”  She backed away smiling warily.

In a general show of support to book bloggers, reading, and literature, my mom bought a copy of the journal and was impressed with the lists.  She and I love lists–making them, checking things off of them–and this book would be a great reference and reading tool for any book lover you know.

I wish the book was traditionally bound–the spiral in my book was a bit tetchy–and that there was a pocket-sized, removable book journal instead of the journal pages.  I’m not sure about the logistics of a removable mini-journal, I’m just letting you know what I’d love in a perfect world.

Read, Remember, Recommend will be my g0-to reference when I’m looking for something new for my classroom (Classics lists), when I’m looking for a more mainstream read (Barnes and Noble, Borders, Target, or Costco lists), or when I’m in the mood for some serious literature!


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