With A Little Help From My Friends

When I started blogging in 2007, it never occurred to me that I would a. keep at it for so long, and b. develop great friendships with people I’ve never met.  My now semi-defunct life blog helped me find a group of friends who have stayed true even when I moved on to the greener pastures of Book, Line, and Sinker.

My post office box has witnessed the generosity of my blogging friends.  Not only do my blog buddies support me with comments and emails, but they also bake, make, and buy things for me.  Just the other day I swung by my post box on a whim, hoping to receive a book I’m dying to review.  I did have a package, but not the one I was anticipating.  Instead, the envelope bore the return label of my dear blogging buddy Dishy.

Dishy read about my recent rediscovery of Sweet Valley High and wanted to help feed my addiction with these two installments and a homemade CD of 80s music to help me relive the glory days of parachute pants.

So, thanks to my blogging friends for the comments, support, goodies, and love!  It’s been an unexpected but welcome treat to see that blogging really does create communities and friendships.

I know that my story isn’t unique.  How has blogging impacted you on a personal level?  Have you been on the receiving (or giving) end of kindness or generosity?  Have you made friends with bloggers–maybe met them for lunch or dinner?  Tell me all about it.


  • At 2010.02.03 05:50, mina said:

    Blogging has introduced me to my 12 hilarious friends on the net (now I met them offline, also), the booklovers, although not everyone had blogs about books. We called ourselves Kubugil (an abbreviation of KUtu BUku GILa = crazy bookworms). Turns out that half of them work in book publishing, so that from several years ago, they/ve sent me books for free 🙂 More and more of us had side jobs as a translator, or editor, or proofreader, so I think blogging also opens you to more opportunity 🙂
    .-= mina´s last blog ..The Naked Traveler =-.

    • At 2010.02.03 08:22, Chrisbookarama said:

      Enjoy SVH! I feel very nostalgic whenever I see one.
      .-= Chrisbookarama´s last blog ..Grow Great Grub by Gayla Trail: Review =-.

      • At 2010.02.03 21:32, nat @book, line, and sinker said:

        they bring me back…but can i admit something? jessica is REALLY annoying. i don’t remember despising her as much as i do now. she’s always out for herself, everyone else be damned.

      • At 2010.02.03 09:23, vivienne said:

        I have definitely made lots of new friends since blogging. I speak to them more than I do my own family.
        .-= vivienne´s last blog ..The Pride and Prejudice Read A Long =-.

        • At 2010.02.03 09:29, Kathy R (Bermudaonion) said:

          I’ve been lucky enough to meet several bloggers in real life and it was such a treat. I got Christmas cards from lots of bloggers this year and they all just made me feel so good!
          .-= Kathy R (Bermudaonion)´s last blog ..Our Life in France – banking, money and numbers =-.

          • At 2010.02.03 10:30, Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit) said:

            I love when those surprises come in the mail from blogging buddies. They just know how to feed our addictions, don’t they?!
            .-= Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)´s last blog ..Stacy Parker Aab Talks About Interning and Writing =-.

            • At 2010.02.03 11:46, Meg said:

              So sweet of Dishy to send you those goodies! 🙂 Blogging has introduced me to such a wonderful community of new friends — including YOU, buddy! 🙂 This was the first year I received gifts and Christmas cards from my blogging buds and it really made everything so special.

              I met many fellow book bloggers at the National Book Festival in D.C. last September and hope that we’ll all reconnect again soon! In “real life,” everyone is exactly as I expected them to be. Hilarious but true! Though it might have been helpful to have our avatars on T-shirts or something to immediately break the ice, LOL. And I met Jess, another of my blogging buddies, when we were both randomly in San Diego last November! She’s from Philly… and I’m from Maryland. Just really bizarre but so fun.

              As Vivienne said, I often talk to those in the blogging community more than I do my own family… we have a daily emailing/chatting/Twittering/blogging connection. Friendships (and relationships?) are all about the every day, boring minutiae… that’s how we bond. 🙂
              .-= Meg´s last blog ..Book review: ‘Blankets’ by Craig Thompson =-.

              • At 2010.02.03 21:33, nat @book, line, and sinker said:

                thank you, amiga! i count you as one of my original blog buddies!! i hope that i can make it to BEA (it may coincide with our end-of-year trip at school, so i’ll have to see how it goes!).

              • At 2010.02.03 13:44, The1stdaughter said:

                What a sweet friend! It’s funny because I think that sometimes my blogging buddies have been more faithful and uplifting than some of my “real life” friends. They’ve been generous and caring in so many ways. I only recently started my book blog, but have been blogging for a long time before and the support of old and new blogging friends has been amazing. I just love it!
                .-= The1stdaughter´s last blog ..When I Was Young – Bookalicious =-.

                • At 2010.02.03 17:44, Alita said:

                  What a thoughtful gift! And that CD looks like it’ll provide hours of endless fun 🙂
                  .-= Alita´s last blog ..Paper Towns by John Green (final thoughts with a Special Guest!) =-.

                  • At 2010.02.03 21:40, Dishy said:

                    Oh Nat – I am so touched & embarrassed! Especially since I got you THREE MORE TODAY(!!) No joke. These SVH are just leaping into my cart. Crazy books..
                    .-= Dishy´s last blog ..Simply irresistible. =-.

                    • At 2010.02.03 21:45, nat @book, line, and sinker said:

                      yay!!! can i admit to buying the SVH BOARD GAME? ant and i found it in a thrift shop in brattleboro last month for only $2! i’ll bring it in july. hahaha

                    • At 2010.02.03 21:53, Dishy said:

                      Oh my goodness, you really ARE far gone – LOL

                      PS: I’ll play SVH only if you promise to play Eat It. It’s like trivial pursuit for snack food junkies.

                      PPS: I am going to have to start writing these SVH #s down so I don’t send dupes. I am trying to remember the covers, but frankly they start to blend into one another.. Have you ever noticed the some of the boys have seriously girly faces?
                      .-= Dishy´s last blog ..Simply irresistible. =-.

                      • At 2010.02.04 11:49, Connie said:

                        you two! Ha! hmmmmmm…I have a whole attic full of pre teen angst ridden drama…oh wait that is your job 🙂
                        for me it’s Nancy Drew (hear that Dishy)
                        I have to agree with the other commentors (?) my blog friends always lend a wonderful ‘ear” and support with comments, notes, emails most especially chocolate!!!

                        And I am going to Maine and eat lobster with the SLOBS one day soon…it has to be warm

                        • At 2010.02.05 09:27, Dishy said:

                          I LOVE Nancy Drew! At least I used to – haven’t read them in so long, not sure they’ll stand the test of time.. I also went through a phase when I read every Agatha Christie novel. Formulaic, but obviously addictive. Contrary to my “out there” nature, I do not enjoy HOTSEX in my reading material, so I tend to favor the classics.

                          (you are now going to get 3 trillion hits on this blog post from those words alone. you are welcome)
                          .-= Dishy´s last blog ..Life with Kiwi. =-.

                          • At 2010.02.05 09:29, Dishy said:

                            PS: Connie, you def want to wait to come then. it is FREAAAAAZING HERE. Last year I kept asking “When exactly does summer arrive?!” I think it’s some time between August 28th and September 1st.
                            .-= Dishy´s last blog ..Life with Kiwi. =-.

                          • At 2010.02.04 14:43, Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said:

                            Care (Care’s Online Book Club) is one of them most generous bloggers I know. I commented on one of her posts that the book sounded cheerful and I could use a cheerful read, and the next day she e-mailed and offered to mail it to me. It was just a very sweet thing to do 🙂
                            .-= Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness)´s last blog ..Giveaway: Waiting for Columbus by Thomas Trofimuk =-.

                            • At 2010.02.04 16:13, Allie said:

                              I’ve met several blog friends in person. And I’ve never been surprised – they are always exactly who I thought they would be. It’s wonderful! Blogging is such a huge part of my life and there’s so many people I really care about even though we haven’t met in person yet. I think it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to connect with people you have lots in common with even though you don’t live in the same area.

                              • At 2010.02.04 20:49, Jenners said:

                                So funny you wrote this … just this week I received a goodie box from a blogging buddy that was such a surprise and delight. My husband couldn’t believe it. (He doesn’t get this whole blogging things … he couldn’t imagine that I would be friendly enough with someone I’ve never met that they would send me a goodie box.) Blogging is wonderful!
                                .-= Jenners´s last blog ..My Favorite Reads: "Still Life with Woodpecker" by Tom Robbins =-.

                                • At 2010.02.05 09:41, Dishy said:

                                  Jenners – I think blogging appeals to women in particular b/c of the emotional release it can provide. My blog gives me freedom and an outlet to voice my thoughts, and has opened up a world of friendship I’d never have otherwise found. The open, free exchange and support I receive from my blog friends means every bit as much (and sometimes more) than that I get from those in real life. Our “chat” is often daily nourishment for mind & soul.

                                  It took my husband some getting used to as well. For one, he kept envisioning me running away w/ a female blog friend. HEL-LO? Most men simply are not in touch w/ their “emotional” side – or if they are, they keep it hidden. I think it would be an interesting statistical study, to see who blogs more – Men or Women, and the range of topics they tend to cover.
                                  .-= Dishy´s last blog ..Life with Kiwi. =-.

                                • At 2010.02.06 11:48, softdrink said:

                                  Lunch with blogger friends is one of my favorite bonuses from blogging. Last weekend I had lunch with Danielle, my fellow SLO blogger, and we had a great time chatting away. Bloggers can always find something to talk about!
                                  .-= softdrink´s last blog ..East of Eden =-.

                                  • At 2010.02.06 12:28, Beth F said:

                                    I was lucky enough to meet bloggers at BEA last year and now have some great friends, new work colleagues, and a Skype book club!
                                    .-= Beth F´s last blog ..From Biologist to Author: A Visit with Sneed B. Collard III =-.

                                    • At 2010.02.07 11:17, Hayden Tompkins said:

                                      I have, as you know, been the recipient of my own mailbox awesome…which I LOVE. The only problem is that I am not a gift giver and I have no idea what to send to the blog ladies that I love. Food? Everyone has different tastes. Books? Again with the taste. Decor? Ack, the taste! (And then there’s the potential clutter factor.)

                                      I am 100% atrocious with gifting. I seriously considered sending you extra school supplies, that’s how bad I am!

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