I’ll Take Your Word For It!

I try to wade through my Bloglines feed reader a few times a week and am usually overwhelmed by the sheer volume of new posts and reviews by book bloggers–I follow 130 book blogs.  In my blogging travels, I jot down titles and authors of books that bloggers rave about and add them to my hold list at my library.  The only problem is, that in my flurry of reading and commenting, I invariably forget where I read about certain books. 

Sometimes I see the same book on multiple sites or sometimes a less-than-stellar review prompts me to pick the book.  Whatever the reason, I had a several books waiting for me at the library when I popped in on Saturday.  If you reviewed or mentioned any of the following books on your blog recently, I’d like to thank you.  Apparently your review or commentary spoke to me.  Here are the books on deck for this week:

Fun Home marks my first foray into the genre of graphic novels; it sure took me long enough, didn’t it?!  The Lace Reader and The Adoration of Jenna Fox are fiction, while The Confections of a Closet Master Bakeris a memoir.  I’m looking forward to each of the books and want to thank all the book bloggers for broadening my horizons and passing along some new reads. 
If you’re on the prowl for a great book, visit my Recommended Reading tab at the top of the page.  Book bloggers from all over submitted their favorite books for a reading challenge that I’m (still!) chipping away at!  Maybe you’ll be inspired to add a few titles to your holiday wish list.


  • At 2009.11.15 23:02, Kathy said:

    I can’t take the blame for any of those, but I’ve got Adoration of Jenna Fox on my wish list too since I’ve read several great reviews of it.
    .-= Kathy´s last blog ..Review: A Christmas Ride =-.

    • At 2009.11.16 09:38, Jess - A Book Hoarder said:

      I have the same problem, I add a book to my wishlist and by the next I day have no idea where I originally heard about it. The Confections of a Closet Master Baker is a perfect example. I just recently read about it for the first time and I can’t for the life of me remember where.

      I have read so many great reviews for The Lace Reader, I can’t wait to finally read it myself. I hope you enjoy it.
      .-= Jess – A Book Hoarder´s last blog ..Focus Jess…focus! =-.

      • At 2009.11.16 10:51, Care said:

        I try to copy the link/blog review into my goodreads.com wishlist when I add a new book I want to read. ti’s so fast to cut and past and click. Getting into my ILL is actually a pain.
        This is the first I’ve seen Fun Home; I think Trish at HeyLady! recently wrote abt Jenna Fox and I personally didn’t care much for The Lace Reader so it wasnt’ me. I know I just saw the Closet Baker one somewhere, too. Sorry – not much help here, am I?
        .-= Care´s last blog ..John Cusack Reading Challenge =-.

        • At 2009.11.16 10:52, Care said:

          ooo – qute a few typos in that. I thought you were going to have comments edit-able? oh well. 🙂
          .-= Care´s last blog ..John Cusack Reading Challenge =-.

          • At 2009.11.16 12:52, Natalie said:

            The comment editor isn’t working!?!? I’ll check on it when I get home tonight!

            • At 2009.11.16 13:21, Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit) said:

              I really loved The Adoration of Jenna Fox and The Lace Reader. I hope you like them.
              .-= Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)´s last blog ..Mailbox Monday #56 =-.

              • At 2009.11.16 14:04, hisqueen1 said:

                just to let you know..based on your positive review and fellow bloggers comments, I purchased “The Man Who Loved Books Too Much” by Allison Hoover Bartlett for my hubby. He loved it. I mean really loved it. Made little notes and everything in it.
                So Thank you. I will keep checking your reviews for more winners for us to read.

                • At 2009.11.16 14:07, vivienne said:

                  The Lace Reader is a good book. I did enjoy it , part of it annoyed me, but I won’t say which as I don’t want to spoil it.
                  .-= vivienne´s last blog ..Monday Mailbox and Library Loot =-.

                  • At 2009.11.16 15:13, trish said:

                    I loved The Adoration of Jenna Fox! Also, I hope you like The Lace Reader! I loved it. 😀
                    .-= trish´s last blog ..Words Move Me – Giveaway of Sony Reader Pocket Edition =-.

                    • At 2009.11.16 18:19, Alita said:

                      The Adoration of Jenna Fox also is a recent addition to my to-read list. It sounds so very good.
                      .-= Alita´s last blog ..Monday Round Up (11.16.09) =-.

                      • At 2009.11.16 20:20, Dana said:

                        I enjoyed The Lace Reader. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!
                        .-= Dana´s last blog ..Blog Hop Winners… =-.

                        • At 2009.12.01 21:16, Jenners said:

                          I have this same problem … forgetting where I heard about books or why I put them on my “wish list” in the first place. Sometimes it is cool surprise though.
                          .-= Jenners´s last blog ..Show Me 5 Saturday: Marley & Me by John Grogan =-.

                          • At 2010.01.23 07:30, coffeegrl said:

                            I loved The Adoration of Jenna Fox! But I’m new to your blog so I know you didn’t hear about it from me. 😉
                            .-= coffeegrl´s last blog ..Reading Through the New Year =-.

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