Testing, 1-2-3, Testing…

WELCOME!  It’s great to be here and I’m happy you’ve made the journey over to Book, Line, and Sinker’s new domain.  I’m still shocked that I was actually able to make the conversion from WordPress.com to self-hosting all by myself!  (My husband has to pay up on our little wager–I didn’t outsource this project!)

I’m still fine-tuning the site and working on my header–I’m adding an image and a few other details.  After that, I have several books to review and many comments to leave on YOUR blogs–I’ve been a bad blogger–on vacation and spending too much time working on this new site. 

Drop me an email if you notice something amiss or malfunctioning.  Also, check out the ‘Bookmarked Blog’ tabs below the header and make sure I have your blog up there and that your link is working correctly.  If there’s a problem, I’ll have my people (ha!) get right on it.


  • At 2009.10.08 00:58, Natalie said:

    testing, testing comments

    • At 2009.10.08 01:02, natalie said:

      testing after logging out…is it working?

      • At 2009.10.08 02:27, claire said:

        Hope this works when I push the button. But your new site is lovely!
        .-= claire´s last blog ..Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage =-.

        • At 2009.10.08 03:22, Hayden Tompkins said:

          .-= Hayden Tompkins´s last blog ..A Call to Action =-.

          • At 2009.10.08 07:30, Chris@bookarama said:

            Oh wow! It looks so good. I love the Twitter bar at the top.
            .-= Chris@bookarama´s last blog ..An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon: Review =-.

            • At 2009.10.08 08:14, Amy Reads Good Books said:

              I love the site! The clean lines are great! Nice job on the conversion!
              .-= Amy Reads Good Books´s last blog ..A Walk for Sunshine =-.

              • At 2009.10.08 09:02, pannonica said:

                Well done! Congratulations on the solo migration (and may I say “whew!”). The new look is very clean but perhaps just a tad antiseptic. NAT interjects: I’m still working on the header–I have a few things to add! And I’m OCD and LOVE antiseptic. PS. Where the heck is my comment reply/nesting?!?! Have to go find it so I can stop hijacking posts.

                My blog isn’t a book blog per se, (and it’s teetering on the rim of defunction because I’ve been even more wayward than you), but my current read is All About H. Hatterr, by G.V. Desani. From the back cover:

                Wildly funny and wonderfully bizarre, All About H. Hatterr is one of the most perfectly eccentric and strangely absorbing works modern English has produced…

                Also with glowing blurbs from T.S. Eliot, Saul Bellow, and Salman Rushdie.

                p.s. Have successfully added the RSS to my feed reader, so B’linker is in like Flynn.

                • At 2009.10.08 09:37, Kay said:

                  Your new place is gorgeous! I absolutely love it! You did an awesome job on it 😀
                  .-= Kay´s last blog ..Review : Switch =-.

                  • At 2009.10.08 10:09, Jessica Kennedy said:

                    Looks good!
                    .-= Jessica Kennedy´s last blog ..FREE Kindle Book | Witch & Wizard by James Patterson & Gabrielle Charbonnet =-.

                    • At 2009.10.08 10:16, avisannschild said:

                      Congrats on the move — I’m looking forward to seeing the final new look. And thanks for linking to my blog!
                      .-= avisannschild´s last blog ..Similar covers: Balancing acts =-.

                      • At 2009.10.08 10:25, Lahni said:

                        Is it just me or is the RSS feed not working? I can’t subscribe!
                        .-= Lahni´s last blog ..It’s Monday…What am I reading? =-.

                        • At 2009.10.08 10:41, Natalie said:

                          I have two different places to link to the feed–in the ‘Welcome Aboard’ box and in the header–bottom right, icon. They both seem to be working for me. Hope it’s working for you now. 🙂

                          • At 2009.10.08 11:05, trish said:

                            Go Nat! You’re awesome! Love the new site!

                            • At 2009.10.08 11:59, Jennifer said:

                              Great new website. Congrats.

                              • At 2009.10.08 12:09, Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit) said:

                                Congrats on making the switch. I can’t wait to see what you unveil next!
                                .-= Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)´s last blog ..Haunting Bombay by Shilpa Agarwal =-.

                                • At 2009.10.08 12:17, Ti said:

                                  Hey there. I am going through this right now and could use a few pointers. You know, like in your spare time. LOL.

                                  Who is your host now?
                                  .-= Ti´s last blog ..Review & Book Tour: Goldengrove =-.

                                  • At 2009.10.08 12:22, Natalie said:

                                    Hi Ti! Oh, you have so much to look forward to! 🙂 My host is Liquid Web–love them. They took all of my insane phone calls at all hours of the day and night. Email me if you have specific questions. I’ll do what I can–I’m on vacation until next Tuesday, but going away for the weekend. Catch me if you can!

                                    • At 2009.10.08 12:30, bethany (Dreadlock Girl) said:

                                      LOVE it, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!
                                      .-= bethany (Dreadlock Girl)´s last blog ..A Book Many Died For. (Banned Books Week) =-.

                                      • At 2009.10.08 12:33, ValetReader said:

                                        Wow, the website looks great!!! Great job with it, looking forward to tooling around and checking the rest of it out.

                                        • At 2009.10.08 12:39, SuziQoregon said:

                                          Looks great!!!
                                          .-= SuziQoregon´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday #1 =-.

                                          • At 2009.10.08 13:11, Alita said:

                                            The new site looks great! Congrats on getting it all set up 🙂

                                            • At 2009.10.08 13:28, Cara Powers said:

                                              I love the new design! Congratulations. I’m still in blogger but will be making the transition to publishing to http://www.oohbooks.com soon. Step by step.
                                              .-= Cara Powers´s last blog ..National Poetry Day: Neil Gaiman Reads =-.

                                              • At 2009.10.08 13:59, Meg said:

                                                Yayyy! I feel like I should offer you a housewarming gift! Maybe some freshly baked bread or muffins, or perhaps a nice coffeetable book?
                                                .-= Meg´s last blog ..Book review: ‘Life As We Knew It’ by Susan Beth Pfeffer =-.

                                                • At 2009.10.08 14:21, plumpdumpling said:

                                                  So excited for you! Except . . . I actually had to type my name and URL and whatnot into the comment boxes today. Your new site doesn’t know me. 🙁
                                                  .-= plumpdumpling´s last blog ..Stop Making Me Question My Taste Thx =-.

                                                  • At 2009.10.08 14:30, RAnn said:

                                                    Looks nice, but a button to subscribe would be nice–I’m still not sure what to do when I see that gibberish when I push an RSS feed button
                                                    .-= RAnn´s last blog ..Don’t Forget to Enter My Giveaways–Sticky Post =-.

                                                    • At 2009.10.08 14:57, Florinda said:

                                                      Looks great – congratulations on a successful move! (I’d love to be included on your “Bookmarked Blogs” page, BTW – you’re in my Books Blogroll!)
                                                      .-= Florinda´s last blog ..In Memoriam: On an anniversary, remembering a birthday =-.

                                                      • At 2009.10.08 15:38, Valerie said:

                                                        Welcome to your new home, and to self-hosting! Your new home’s looking good so far!
                                                        .-= Valerie´s last blog ..Playing With My New Toy! =-.

                                                        • At 2009.10.08 17:20, Carrie K. said:

                                                          Good for you – it looks great so far!
                                                          .-= Carrie K.´s last blog ..Book Review: The Magicians by Lev Grossman =-.

                                                          • At 2009.10.08 18:54, Belle said:

                                                            Congratulations – your new space looks wonderful!
                                                            .-= Belle´s last blog ..This Is NANTUCKET =-.

                                                            • At 2009.10.08 19:17, Dana said:

                                                              Yay for you! Looks great!!!

                                                              • At 2009.10.08 19:28, softdrink said:

                                                                Congratulations! Your new home looks great. I do believe your template looks familiar…White House?

                                                                • At 2009.10.08 21:18, Natalie said:

                                                                  Ohhh! I just checked out your blog–love what you did with White House. I may have to email you for some help with customizing a few things. 🙂

                                                                  • At 2009.10.08 22:02, Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said:

                                                                    Congrats on the move, I think the site looks beautiful!

                                                                    • At 2009.10.09 09:31, bybee said:

                                                                      Everything looks great and I’ve changed the link.
                                                                      .-= bybee´s last blog ..Library Loot: More Nonfiction, And Happier Than A Pig In…Uh…Nonfiction =-.

                                                                      • At 2009.10.09 09:49, Kari said:

                                                                        YAY CONGRATS!

                                                                        • At 2009.10.09 20:09, Jenners said:

                                                                          I found you! Love your new digs — very stylin! And ooooohh…you got Comment Luv too! : )
                                                                          .-= Jenners´s last blog ..3rd Quarter Wrap-Up =-.

                                                                          • At 2009.10.11 12:52, Beth F said:

                                                                            I LOVE your new look. Wow! Nice job on the blog, and I’m resubbed now under your new address.
                                                                            .-= Beth F´s last blog ..Reading Attitudes: Challenge or Fun? =-.

                                                                            • At 2009.10.11 20:48, Kathy said:

                                                                              Congratulations! I’m subscribed to your new address!
                                                                              .-= Kathy´s last blog ..Review: A Season of Gifts =-.

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